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Ongoing investigation of prostitution business continues in Beverly Hills

Mabel Kabani, news editor

In the early days of December, residents in houses on both North and South Almont Drive received three-page packets written by a neighbor, Meryl Rizzotti, on the subject of alleged and illegal activities of prostitution taking place in the back of a massage parlor named Everhealth Medical Spa. This claim is currently under investigation by the Beverly Hills Police Dept. (BHPD).

“The prostitutes work at the back of the property, in a former apartment, over the garages in the alley paralleling Olympic between Almont and Wetherly,” Rizzotti wrote in her letter to residents.

City Prosecutor William Litvak has sent Everhealth Spa owner Arman Dayan and his wife “red light abatement” letters, informing the couple of the potential consequences of conducting a lewd business in the building. Dayan also owns the dental practice in the front of the Everhealth building.

“Law enforcement operations conducted in October 2012 revealed that prostitution/lewd activities have been occurring under the guise of a legitimate massage establishment, in violation of city and state laws,” Litvak wrote in his abatement letter on June 27, 2012. “When a building is used for lewd conduct or prostitution, a city may initiate a civil equitable action to permanently enjoin the owner of the building from directly or indirectly permitting it [and] the court may assess a civil penalty of up to $25,000 against any and all defendants.”

Rizzotti filed her first complaint against the business in December 2010 when she saw “an Asian woman in crop tops and skimpy shorts in the alley behind the dental practice.” She then proceeded to call the BHPD who “stalled and simply did nothing.” She was informed, however, that she was not the first to call and complain about the conduct occurring in the building.

Since then, four raids and three arrests have been made in the establishment, according to Rizzotti and City Attorney Larry Weiner.

Rizzotti, determined to stop the alleged illegal activity in her neighborhood contacted Weiner, who confirmed that, “Meryl was the first one to notify me of this activity.” After being questioned about why the authorities have not yet taken away Dayan’s business license, Weiner replied, “The authority is regulated at the local level to regulate massage parlors, but this situation is undergoing current investigation.”

In Rizzotti’s letter, she continues to inform neighbors of details from Dayan’s family life to his newly bought Ferrari.

“I happen to know that Rizzotti has strong feelings toward the dentist ever since he moved in the area, so I’m not surprised she feels strongly on the subject,” Weiner said.

After contacting the authorities on the subject, Rizzotti pondered the motives of the police and its “lack of motivation in pursuing the case.

“It seems to me like the city just doesn’t want to get rid of this, otherwise they could just get rid of Dayan’s business license,” she said. “I think their hope is that when Dayan has to renew his business license for Everhealth in March, he just won’t and then they can drop the case. But, he is bringing in lots of money from this business and with his divorce, he might renew the license in order to get all the money he can.”

According to, a blog written by Luke Ford, a prevalent American pornography gossip columnist, Everhealth, which was established in 2004, receives an annual income of $5-10 million and employs 50-99 people.

“A friend of mine who lives close by Everhealth sees the traffic late at night, even though the business is supposed to close at 10 p.m.,” Ford said. “This type of thing has been ubiquitous in Los Angeles for years and has been really prevalent among immigrants, especially, but it still feels really weird to live close to something like that in such an elite neighborhood.

Ford, who claims that a woman was arrested for prostitution in the back of the Everhealth building, says the establishment was temporarily closed after his article was posted on Jan. 9, 2012. “It concerns me that the whorehouse is still open, especially next to Beth Jacob Congregation,” he said. “But if there’s a will, there’s a way, and hopefully the authorities will start doing something about this.”

Lieutenant Lincoln Hoshino, Executive Officer of the BHPD, has denied media requests regarding the matter because “the Everhealth matter is an active and ongoing investigation, and therefore [they] are unable to provide detailed answers.”

Rizzotti has also contacted the BHPD on numerous occasions and has addressed her concerns to Lieutenant Joe Chirillo at the BHPD, as well as Detective Scott Dowling, who replied to Rizzotti’s email with a “thanks for the info,” according to a printout of the two’s correspondence.

“My biggest concern is what if an angry or dissatisfied customer who potentially carries with him drugs or weapons takes out his frustration on children playing in the streets or couples walking their dogs? This establishment is in a residential area,” she said. “And that’s just not safe.”

A male receptionist working at the Health Center in between the Dental Arts of Beverly Hills and Everhealth said that ever since he began working at the clinic a year ago, he was suspicious of the massage center.

“There are only male customers, and female Asian employees in inappropriate clothing are always trotting around,” he said. “The shutters are always closed, the women are always here late, they have poor English and I have even seen them make trips to houses with young men in them. It concerns me that they may possibly make house calls in what is supposedly a safe environment.

The Everhealth establishment is adjacent to the Dental Arts of Beverly Hills and lies behind a white gate that requires customers to be buzzed in before entering. Two locked doors sit at the top of the stairs spiraling up to the business. Beer bottles, broken bits of pottery, mounds of dirt and cigarette packs are strewn across the floor of the establishment’s back alley. As of Feb. 5, 2013 at 2:45 p.m., no receptionist was present and two women who sat among cots and sheets shooed potential customers back downstairs.

On Feb. 3, 2013, Rizzotti launched a protest outside of the dentistry against the illegal activity. During the event, which was covered by KCET and SoCal Connected, Rizzotti and four other women attracted the attention of passersby with their posters and slogans such as “house of sin next to house of god,” the protesters attracted the attention of many who were on their way to the Beth Jacobs Congregation.

“It’s crazy that this kind of stuff goes on in Beverly Hills,” an anonymous source in the area said. “I saw women in crop tops walking into a couple houses, so I guess they cater to the neighborhood, which is frustrating.”

Rizzotti’s frustration, however, stems from the lack of change in the current situation.

“I appeared before the City Council and the City Manager, but they didn’t seem to care,” Rizzotti said. “Maybe its because we’re below Olympic. But I’m also frustrated that the residents of this area aren’t more concerned to get this out into the public. I was hesitant to go to the media at first, because the house values might slip around this area where I live, but I’m fed up with the lack of progress.”

Though Rizzotti is dissatisfied with the “little progress the city is making on this issue”, Mayor Willie Brien M.D. fully believes in the abilities of the BHPD to solve any criminal activity occurring in the city.

“I have heard about the investigation and I know that our police force is very aggressive,” Brien said. “The BHPD knows what they are doing and I am confident that they will catch any illegal activity, if that is even occurring.” Rizzotti, in her packet to the neighborhood, also included a review written by a customer of his “experience” in Everhealth on

When Everhealth was contacted, they denied providing these services and when Dayan was contacted, he refused to comment on the situation and also denied being involved with the alleged activity.

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