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Congresswoman Bass answers students Frank Ocean All-gender bathroom installed under new law Music culture in Norman Nation Students in the industry: musicians on the rise

Congresswoman Bass answers students

Ben Dahan News Editor Congresswoman Karen Bass, from California’s 37th district, touched on a range of topics during her forum with students last Friday. She answered questions from moderator Adriel Ghadoushi, the sophomore president of the Countable Club and the student responsible for bringing Bass to campus, as well as questions from audience members of the nearly […]

Frank Ocean’s four new singles are his best

Sam Bernstein staff writer Christmas came early this year for Frank Ocean fans. The 29-year-old vocalist based out of New Orleans has been featured on four new singles in the last month. His beautiful voice and impeccable writing skill has been missed, even though it was recently on display in his new album, Blonde. It […]

All-gender bathroom installed under new law

Natasha Dardashti multimedia editor New regulations from the California state government created a requirement for a single-stall all-gender bathroom to be implemented in all government facilities, including public schools, beginning March 1. In accordance with this law, a new gender-neutral bathroom has been installed and is planning on being opened this week. For transgender (trans) […]

Music culture in Norman Nation

Veronica Pahomova co-editor-in-chief From the hard-hitting rap trio Migos, to the recently debuted KPop sensation BLACKPINK, all the way to country’s very own Blake Shelton, music can be found as the topic of numerous discussions worldwide. The average American listens to around four hours of music each day, so it is no coincidence that one […]

Students in the industry: musicians on the rise

Sam Bernstein, staff writer Lauren Hannani, culture editor Last year, most students knew him as that guy from class. Now, people from all over the country  know him as Young Pari$, a young rapper whose music they can find on Youtube and SoundCloud. As a new “recording artist trying to make it big,” Phillip Billups, class of […]

Struggle for voting rights

30 March 2017

Ben Shofet co-editor-in-chief   Since 1789, the United States has expanded the voting rights of its citizens. Following the Civil War, African-Americans gained the right to vote with the passing of the 15th Amendment. After years of fighting, women gained the right to vote with the passing of the 19th Amendment. And most recently, with […]

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Students apply to art schools

29 March 2017

Lauren Hannani staff writer Inspired by their love for the arts, some students already have goals to attend an art school after graduating. Although some of these seniors are still not sure yet which college they want to go to, they are determined to attend a school that encourages creativity and passion. Senior Katie Hertz, […]

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Robotics team finishes strong at annual competitions

28 March 2017

AJ Wolken staff writer The Robotics team, Mortorq, competed in its only two competitions of the year during spring break. They earned an eighth place finish out of 45 teams in Ventura, and a 20th place finish out of 60 teams in Long Beach. Although the team didn’t come out of the competition with any awards […]

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Bundles of Hope is here to help

17 March 2017

Isaiah Freedman staff writer It’s around noon on a hot Sunday, Mar. 12, at Temple Isaiah’s annual Purim festival, and senior Jack Harris does not have to be there. The festival is flush with taco trucks, grilled cheese trucks, pop-a-shots, whack-a-mole, moon bounces and slides. However, one stand separates itself from all the others, and […]

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SLIDESHOW: Juniors prevail at Junior-Senior night

16 March 2017

AJ Wolken staff writer After an epic night of food, games and fun, the juniors earned the victory at ASB’s annual Junior-Senior night. The two grades battled each other in various events such as musical chairs, tug-of-war and dodgeball. It was a tight competition and came down to the last event, the three-point shootout, where the juniors beat […]

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Film Review: ‘Get Out’ provides fresh take on horror genre

14 March 2017

Max Yera co-editor-in-chief Jordan Peele’s horror-comedy, and debut feature film, “Get Out” has seemingly emerged as one of the most talked about and critically acclaimed releases of 2017, and for good reason. This dark, strange and gripping tale of a black man (Daniel Kaluuya) visiting the family home of his white girlfriend (Allison Williams) manages […]

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Our Vending machines are misleading us

13 March 2017

Isaiah Freedman staff writer It’s perfectly acceptable for vending machines to serve unhealthy snacks and treats. In fact, that is their core purpose, to provide a quick dose of carbohydrates to help students labor through a long day of school. They are not obviously not expected to contain gourmet food. However, the “Health Vending by […]

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Every 15 Minutes scares, saddens, sparks change

10 March 2017

NEWS: How did Every 15 Minutes come about? Jamie Kim news editor Sophia Goldberg sports editor Every 15 Minutes, which took place on March 6 and 7, is a two-day program that challenges students to think about driving under the influence and the impacts their decisions could have on others. City-wide collaboration and months of […]

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Bevball isn’t just boys basketball

10 March 2017

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief “Bevball” is the most hyped thing on campus all year. The SaMo game packs the Swim Gym with students and is the most talked about on campus event for weeks. Everybody knows the status of boys basketball: who they’re playing, who the starters are and even the most out of touch students know […]

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‘Logan’ is a brutal farewell to the Wolverine

08 March 2017

Evan Minniti staff writer The Wolverine has had a long and convoluted backstory in the long and convoluted “X-Men” franchise. There have been a lot of ups and downs: movies like “X2”, “First Class” or “Days of Future Past” really work as smart, action packed superhero movies; whereas “Apocalypse” and “Last Stand” were pretty disappointing […]

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