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Arguments against, for Electoral College

CON Sam Bernstein staff writer America needs to repeal the Electoral College. Last Tuesday, Americans had an election, and citizens voted Hillary Clinton to be its next president. However, Clinton likely will not be our next president. In an outdated, unfair process, Donald Trump captured the presidency by beating Clinton 290-232 in the Electoral College. […]

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Faculty changes made for next year

Guy Ginsberg co-editor in chief Eleanor Bogart-Stuart staff writer Evan Minniti staff writer The sweeping changes that Beverly will face next year doesn’t stop with the construction nor the bell schedule, but will be seen through personnel changes as well. Many teachers and faculty members will not be returning next year, and faces from “We were over-staffed. […]

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Changes applied to 2016 -2017 school year

Vivian Geilim, photo editor Ben Shofet, business manager Isaiah Freedman, staff writer As a repercussion from Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) 2015-2016 visit, administration has been urged to make various modifications. According to principal David Jackson, the organization’s main concern dealt with a lack of structured staff collaboration. One way to accommodate WASC’s […]

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A Guide to the Iowa Caucus

Nirav Desai staff writer Though the upcoming Iowa Caucus has dominated the American political limelight for the past few weeks, the quadrennial process may still remain confusing for many around the country. This article hopes to assist those who fall into this category in understanding this exciting moment in the ongoing election season. Has anything […]

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Noah’s approach to late night proves successful

Nirav Desai, staff writer Trevor Noah’s succession of Jon Stewart atop the beloved throne of satirical news is a refreshing one, as the vibrant South African appears to be a much-needed source of joy on a show that, at times, suffered from its ex-host’s gradual burnout. Amid a wave of disorienting changes in the late-night […]

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Marc(o) my words

Keith Stone staff writer Donald Trump might hate illegal immigrants, but the son of two Cuban immigrants is going to beat him in the Republican primaries. Marco Rubio may currently be in fourth place in most polls, with nine percent of the vote, but on election day, he’ll walk away as the next presidential nominee […]

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Politicians battle for presidential candidacy

Sydney Tran, staff writer With candidates ranging from politically-established Hillary Clinton to former Comedy Central roastee Donald Trump to socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2016 presidential primaries are highly anticipated. For those of you interested in politics or who will be able to vote in 2016, here’s my take on the leading poll candidates: Republicans […]

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