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Dance Company showcases its Wooden values

Ben Dahan staff writer The members of Dance Company showcased their choreographed pieces based on the John Wooden Pyramid of Success on Tuesday, Feb. 21. The dancers took to the small Salter Theater stage to present themes ranging from courage, friendship, loyalty and confidence. Each piece was taken from the hearts of the students, who choreographed […]

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Gymnast flips to dancing

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief Very few student-athletes go through senior year with little to no stress having already committed to college for a sport. This usually removes many pressures of senior year and the difficult process of college applications. Senior Tia Lumer gave up this potential easy-in to college to follow her passion for dance and […]

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Through the dancers’ eyes: the process behind Dance Company

Eleanor Bogart-Stuart staff writer Jamie Kim staff writer Max Yera staff writer The murmur of an excited crowd. Hushed voices backstage. The patter of feet rushing to get in position. Then, all is silent as the curtain rises ever so slowly, and the dancers make their first, timid steps across the stage at Dance Company’s annual performance. Perhaps […]

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Dance Company’s annual show opening this week

Lucas Harward, staff writer Dance Company will be performing their annual show from Jan. 14-17 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium. Half of the pieces that will be performed at the show were choreographed by one or more of the student-dancers. The group has been preparing for this show since the start of school in […]

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Dance Company members salute Martin Luther King Jr.

Lolita Gorbacheva, staff writer Marty Schnapp, staff writer Veronica Pahomova, staff writer Some members of Dance Company performed for Martin Luther King Jr.’s “I Have a Dream” speech’s 50th anniversary.

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Findley: more than a teacher

Taylor Weiss, cub writer By the girls locker room, up the stairs, to the right and through the door, the dance room is filled with dancers. At the front of the room, Dance Company coach Dana Findley stands in her workout gear. At an early age, Findley knew her passion was dance and has pursued […]

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