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Frank Ocean’s four new singles are his best

Sam Bernstein staff writer Christmas came early this year for Frank Ocean fans. The 29-year-old vocalist based out of New Orleans has been featured on four new singles in the last month. His beautiful voice and impeccable writing skill has been missed, even though it was recently on display in his new album, Blonde. It […]

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‘The Incredible True Story’ is logical, though minor, step up for Logic

Nirav Desai, staff writer Throughout the first stage of his career, Logic seemed to check all the boxes of an aspiring rapper who was on the precipice of mainstream recognition. He had established a solid underground following via the Internet, his debut album, “Under Pressure,” earned an encouraging critical response and people, the same people […]

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Wild for WILD

Natasha Dardashti staff writer It seems like every day a popular YouTuber is jumping onto the musical bandwagon. With hordes of fangirls willing to pay for anything their idols do, a harmonic voice isn’t necessary in the era of auto-tune. Of course, because I am a teenage girl who also tends to buy into pointless […]

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