ASB holds successful Valentine’s Day candy gram sale



 Kevin Park, Staff Writer
ASB sold approximately 450 candy grams between Feb. 6-10. The money that ASB raised from selling candy grams will be used in future ASB events such as Junior-Senior Night and prom.  Candy grams were sold for $1 each.
According to the president of the junior class, Jason Friedman, Valentine’s Day candy grams is the busiest and the most popular school event.
Although ASB proved successful in their Valentine’s Day candy gram sales, it still faced the difficulty of successfully delivering the candy grams.
“People sometimes forget to write in the name of the actual recipient. This makes the sorting process infinitely more difficult. People must write the name of the sixth period teacher of the recipient, otherwise we do not know where to deliver the candy grams,” Friedman said.
ASB is also busy planning future school events.
“Coming up, we have Junior-Senior Night which is an extremely competitive night when the juniors will face off against the seniors in the swim-gym. It is on Thursday, Feb. 23 at 4:00 p.m.,” Friedman said.