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As seen in the April 10 print edition

Audrey Park, staff writer

Audrey James-Anenih, staff writer

Beverly alumni Miles Mcfly, Dave Dillinger, Joseph Perez and Bridge Perez, along with Maria Rubin, founded FingersxCrossed (FXC), a “collective of talented individual that came together to form a lifestyle brand.”

Although four of the founders graduated from Beverly, they didn’t know each other until after graduation. McFly graduated in 2005, Dillinger in 2008, Bridge in 2009 and Joseph Perez in 2011.

“Each one of us has a specific talent and passion that benefits the next person,” McFly said. “The site actually started out as a blog with just pictures on it, but we have since transformed it into a site full of editorials.”

Maria Rubin, who McFly describes as the “mother of the group,” manages Bridge’s music career and is the “mastermind” behind the site.

“The second Maria [Rubin] came up with it, I instantly said that I knew how to make [a website] and with help from Bridge, David and Joseph we designed what you see today,” Mcfly said.

The website was initially created as a platform for all of the respective members to release whatever projects they were each working on.

“If Bridge is going to release a song, we have the exclusive site to find it on,” Mcfly said. “If Dave Dillinger is working on something in fashion, we have the exclusive drop on it. Our list of friends goes on forever, so we have so much exclusive content to release.”

Mcfly believes that all of the members have their own individual style, therefore readers can “tell who wrote what without even seeing the author’s name.”

“Dave is always on some next level stuff with his posts. I don’t even know how he finds some of his content. Bridge is pretty short and sweet with his posts. He’s always finding some new music to vibe to or some model from out of obscurity,” Mcfly said. “Joseph will always find the newest car that’s faster than the last one or some mansion that he plans on living in one day. I’m kind of all over the place with my posts. I try to update it as much as possible so the viewer always has something new to see.”

A majority of Mcfly’s posts is influenced by his hometown of Los Angeles.

“LA has a big influence on what I post. I definitely don’t limit my search to LA but if I do see something from LA then I always show love,” McFly said. “Nothing makes me more proud than to see people from the city I love doing well, especially if it’s somebody I know or grew up with. I would say that I post a lot of west coast influenced music on the site that maybe some sites on the east coast wouldn’t post. And I love palm trees, anything with a palm tree in it I’ll post.”

The beauty of the website, according to Mcfly, is that the “target audience is so broad.”

“We post and promote all types of things. Music, art and fashion can be faceless as well as ageless,” McFly said. “There really isn’t any one group of people that we are trying to reach. I know I have some of my friends’ little siblings as well as parents checking the site everyday for updates.

Senior Zoe Tran was impressed by both the content and design of the website.

“It covers a lot interesting and relevant things,” Tran said. “It’s really organized and nice to look at. It’s cool.”

The members of FXC are currently working on designing their own brand of clothing and accessories.

“We hope to have a pop-up shop this summer in Los Angeles and we plan on launching our online store when the merchandise is ready,” McFly said. “We also have a cool opportunity in the works right now with a big brand so fingers crossed that works out.”

McFly hopes that FXC will someday become a worldwide brand.

“We want the collective to collaborate with some of our favorite brands and artists,” McFly said. “We want to launch a clothing line as well as a production company for music videos, short films, artists, musicians and photographers. It would be great if FXC became a million view per day platform for people to promote themselves.”

Students can view the website at


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