ASB hosts, plans first talent show


Seniors Dan Park and Bardia Soltani perform at talent show auditions.


Lucas Harward, staff writer
ASB is planning and producing Beverly’s first annual talent show.  The show will take place on Oct. 16 from 4 to 7 p.m., and will feature about 25 acts.
Senior Class President Danny Newman had the original idea for a talent show, which stemmed from his everyday experiences as a Beverly student.
“There’s just a lot of people at this school with a lot of talent,” Newman said. “I walk through the halls and I see all these people who are dancers, who are singers, who are magicians, and yet these people haven’t had a way to showcase their talent, so I decided that a perfect way to do this would be to host a talent show so we can show off what amazing students we have here.”
One of the show’s participants will be senior Elliott Eghbali, whose act will revolve around entertainment and comedy.
“I feel like [comedy] is one of the best things I do for fun. A lot of people tell me that I should be a comedian or do some type of YouTube channel, so I wanted to take advantage of this talent show to show people what I’m good at,” Eghbali said.
Newman has high hopes for how the show will turn out, despite the fact that a talent show is a relatively new concept at Beverly.
“I’m hoping that it will be a great show. We haven’t had a talent show in a while, so there’s nothing to judge off of, but we’re working on getting judges and prizes, so hopefully everything will turn out great,” Newman said.
ASB President Alanna Schenk is also eager to see not only how the show turns out, but also how it influences the students who watch it.
“I’m very excited about it and I think that there will be a great turnout of students wanting to watch the show. I know the students will have a lot of fun seeing their friends perform, and it might inspire them to go out and try something new and find their own special talent,” Schenk said.
And in a school that is all about having students find a passion, ASB director Mark Mead sees the talent show as a vehicle to accomplish this goal.
“I hope that the student body will realize that ASB is trying to provide a platform for people to get involved,” Mead said. “I know that the talent is out there, so I’m hopeful that ASB and the students will see that we encourage it, and it’s a safe place to show off what you can do.”
But as Newman points out, the exciting prospect of a talent show does come at a price.
“It was extremely difficult to decide who made the show. We took all factors into account before making the final cut,” Newman said.
Schenk also added that there were an abundance of auditions, forcing ASB to extend lunch auditions on Oct. 2 to seventh period and ultimately to lunch on Oct. 3. This made for a rigorous audition process.
And in keeping with the Beverly Hills tradition, there will not be an absence of star power present at the show. Two of the three judges will be senior and DJ Cole Plante and singer-songwriter Claudette Robinson. The show will be judged similarly to American Idol, with the judges commenting on each individual performance before making a final decision at the end.
There will also be prizes for the top finishers;  however, the details of the prizes are not known at this time.