Girls LAX celebrates win against SAMO, Senior Night



Catherine Gagulashvili culture editor
The girls varsity lacrosse team beat Santa Monica High School 13-6 on April 27. They were also celebrating Senior Night and one of the last games with head coach Susan Kolko.
Following their rivalry game against Santa Monica High School, in which they won 9-8, the team was able to gain an even greater win. Kolko has found that the team does better when all players are present.

“I think it was our entire season coming together, finally at the end. It was the one game I know everyone wanted to win their heart out. It was one of our only games we had all our players show and I think that makes a big difference when you’re trying to win a game,” Kolko said. “It was sad for me, it was my last [home] game, we have six seniors leaving, so hopefully, someone’s going to carry the torch.”
Kolko is worrisome that there will be even fewer players on the team. She, along with the players, is hoping that more students try out for girls lacrosse next season and that a new coach will be hired.
“I think this moment right now, just winning this home game with all my senior friends, definitely the greatest moment,” Abby Kolko, head coach Susan Kolko’s daughter, said. “I’m a little nervous [about next year,] because our coach is leaving and a lot of seniors are graduating. I hope that the athletic department can make sure that our program runs.
The players credited their win to playing a clean game, having all of their players and wanting to win their final home game. It was these factors that helped them stay up for the majority of the game, ending the first half 6-4, and the second half 13-6.
“This is the best last game I could have possibly had,” midfielder Sarabeth Tansey said. “I don’t feel like personally it was my best game, but I think as a team we played amazingly and the score just helped so much.”
Their next and last game is a non-league matchup against Chadwick on Tuesday, May 1.