Orchestra prepares for winter concert


Alya Mehrtash staff writer
The chamber, concert and full orchestras will on be performing their winter concert on Thursday, Dec. 6.
The orchestra will be playing a total of eight pieces that showcase a combination of classical and Christmas music. During the concert, the chamber orchestra will play four pieces, the concert orchestra will play two pieces and the full orchestra will play two pieces. The full orchestra consists of the chamber orchestra and members from the symphonic band.
“I definitely look forward to playing with the band members,” junior Justin Byun said. “There seems to be a stronger synergy between the band instruments and the string instruments, which results in greater music-playing.”
Instrumental music teacher Bill Bradbury hopes to see the orchestra’s musical improvement showcased throughout the concert.
“I look forward to hearing [an] improvement from the last concert, and making the music really come alive because of the things that we’ve worked on from the last several weeks,” Bradbury said.
Members of the orchestra, like Byun, hope to showcase the group’s skill in the upcoming performance.
“I hope to achieve excellence from this concert,” he said. “I believe that our orchestra is stellar, so I’m expecting a grand performance from us.”
The winter orchestra concert will be at 7:00 pm at the Salter Theater.