Culinary Arts holds open house


Pasha Farmanara, web editor-in-chief

The Culinary Arts program held their fourth annual open house Thursday night, providing guests a chance to sample food made by the class.

“The objective was to celebrate five years of the program, to give the kids a good time, serve the public and to showcase the work of the students,” Chef Darrel Smith said.

The event featured five different type of food: sushi, cheese and crackers, lemonade, bite sized appetizers and a dessert table with cookies and creme brulee.

The open house took a lot of preparation by the students to make, plate and set up the food.

“It wasn’t as easy as I expected to get this all together. It really required a big effort by everybody,” senior Dakota Anderson said.

The Culinary Arts program has been helping kids learn skills they can use inside and outside the kitchen.

“It has taught me leadership, cooperation, and patience. With cooking you have to improvise and let the food get to its own perfection,” senior Jamil Cineus said.

Going forward, Smith is hoping to continue growing the Culinary Arts program.

“We want to continue to grow. Continuing to build the program, letting the kids cook and have fun. Cooking is fun,” Smith said.