Best of both worlds



Audrey Park, cub writer
The idea of living a double life has often been glamorized in T.V. shows and movies. However, in reality, the odds of living a double life is very uncommon. Despite the odds, A.P. U.S. History teacher Dan Moroaica achieved his dream job of being both a teacher and a musician.

Ever since Moroaica was a child, he was surrounded by music. He grew up listening to artists such as the Beatles, the Who, Ramones, and Weaser.  Moroaica soon became attracted to the energetic vibe of music, and  later on joined the rock band, Cirkumvent, as a guitarist and backup vocalist in 1996.

“[I was drawn] to the energy, excitement, creativity [of music],” Moroaica said. “Something about it is fun and constructive.”

In the early 2000’s, Cirkumvent recorded nine individual albums and released two albums for sale.  The band’s music covers a wide range of genres. They often play punk, rock, and metal music. However, it has now become difficult for the band to meet on a regular basis due to their busy lives.

“We used to meet weekly, but since we all have kids, we meet once a month if we’re lucky,” Moroaica said.

Although playing in a band is fun and exciting, Moroaica finds teaching to be much more worthwhile.

“I have been playing in a band, but I find teaching much more rewarding,” Moroaica said. “It’ something I can see myself do for decades and not regret.”

Despite his busy life as an A.P. teacher, Moroaica manages to continue to involve music in his life. Whether it’s making the classroom run with energy similar to that of a concert or playing a song for the class, Mr. Moroaica always makes sure to make his class fun and fill the students with enthusiasm.
“In class, he played live music for us, “ senior Chanel Armani said.
It has become tradition for Moroaica to shout “Good Morning Everybody,” or “Good Afternoon Everybody,” to every one of his classes every day every period. The students then try to respond with a louder greeting. This friendly competition of who can say the loudest greeting not only wakes up the students, but it also creates a comfortable and fun atmosphere. He also plays the ‘James K. Polk song’ for his students every year because he believes that the rhythm will help the students memorize the events of the Polk administration better.

“Mr. Moroaica is a very good singer,” Armani said. “If he had live concerts, I would go to them.”

Playing music for Mr. Moroaica has become something more than a hobby. It has become a passion for him. Although he may be a history teacher, he will never give up on his musical life.

“Who says I’m still not [pursuing a music career],” Moroaica said.

Moroaica plans on living his ‘double life’ for the rest of his life. Music and teaching are both something he truly has a passion for and is gratifying for him.