We Are Hunted


Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer

Music. It affects our emotions, it helps us express ourselves, it defines who we are. What is even more important than the music itself is how we listen to music and what or source of music is.

In an age where everything is on the Internet and constantly changing, including our genres of music, it is important to sort out the good sources from the bad. There are so many different types of generators of music. For example, there are music blogs, websites that generate musical playlists, and other websites where you can upload your own playlist for the world to listen to. Out of the many Internet generated sites, including Pandora, Spotify, and 8tracks, the best would have to be We Are Hunted, seeing as it is a combination of all three.

But what makes a website a good source of music?

Number 1: The veriety of genres. If one is looking for some new songs to download, with the intention of choosing something that simply sounds the best, they will want a veriety because one never knows if they will find something they like in some obscure genre. Genres that you don’t think you would like might surprise you. As the saying goes, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

Number 2: The number of songs in their archive. Whether or not there are multiple genres doesn’t matter so long as you have multiple songs. If you have one song for every genre instead couple of hundred songs for every genre, you are still limited in your options.

Number 3: The amount of options one has when using the website. When you find a great song, your first instinct is to download it so that you can listen to it wherever you go. When a website has free downloads of half of their featured songs, you know that this site is a gem. It is also nice that you can make your own play list, once you find those songs that you love.

Number 4: Layout. Sadly, the way music is presented to us definitely makes an impact on our first impressions, and as we all know, first impressions have the ability to make or break us. When a website is easy to use and is able to be understood quickly, it makes our lives so much easier. After all, isn’t that the purpose of the Internet? To make information readily available.

We Are Hunted gets an A plus in every category. The large archive with multiple genres gives a person many options when looking for songs. Not only is there a large number of songs, the songs are all current and relatively new. The types of artists range from really popular to ones that are totally obscure. Once you find your new favorite songs, you have the ability to make your own playlist, if you’d like. The layout itself is brilliant. It is an online music chart, that scrolls left and right, showing the pictures or the cover of the album and has the title of the song as well as the artist. Once a song is over it automatically goes to the next song on the list, or you can put it to shuffle. There are also multiple different charts and playlists to choose from, such as the Emerging Chart, the Mainstream Chart, or the charts for each genre.

There is no doubt that if you want the best site to listen and in some cases download music for free, look no further then We Are Hunted. Its has the best of Pandora, Spotify, and 8tracks all in one package.