NAHS asks “What is Beauty?”


Robert Katz, web editor-in-chief


The National Art Honors Society (NAHS) recently rolled out its second gallery of the school year, “What is Beauty?” The introspective collection gathered artistic works that explored students’ thoughts on beauty.
“Art is related to beauty,” Beverly NAHS co­president Sasha Park said. “We wanted to
see different interpretations of what people thought of beauty.”
President Sarah Peskin agreed and cited the varied perspectives and forms of attractiveness.
“It’s a broad question,” Peskin said.
“It’s in the eye of the beholder. It’s very unique for each person what they think of beauty. There’s a lot of social pressure to have this one specified look. [We want to] encourage young souls to keep their minds open and be aware that there is a lot of variety when it comes to beautiful people.”
Although it was difficult to determine the artistic development of participating students since the previous gallery, “Why?,” Peskin noted that the NAHS has grown more efficient in organizing its galleries.
Peskin noted a schematic of famed mathematician Albert Einstein as her favorite piece in the collection.
“It’s big and detailed, with intricate designs,” Peskin said. “It’s very aesthetically stimulating.”
However, Peskin mentioned the difficulty of attracting responses from the student body without holding a school event for the gallery.
“We always have the art festival at the end of the year where the NAHS is exhibited and promoted. There are responses there, but in the school year,” Peskin said. “I think teachers like it. I don’t know.”
The NAHS will continue presenting student works in February’s “Then and Now” collection, which will likely be the year’s show combining senior and 8th grade pieces, according to Park.