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OPINION- The unspoken problem: discrepancies throughout the curriculum Gratitude Garden sows seeds of appreciation for faculty, campus SLIDESHOW: Sharing smiles with Albion street Soccer program, Tower Cancer Research Fund come together Foodie Series Ep. 2: Ellen

OPINION- The unspoken problem: discrepancies throughout the curriculum

The elephant in the (class)room Find the news article regarding the issue here. Vivian Geilim opinion editor There is an elephant that lingers through the halls of Beverly. A topic we all think about, but seldom take action on. The discrepancy amidst student’s education. The evident problem of the unregulated and dissimilar curriculum that is shared between two […]

Gratitude Garden sows seeds of appreciation for faculty, campus

Jamie Kim co-editor-in-chief As much of the school remains in the throes of construction, there is very little greenery around campus. What used to be stretches of freshly-cut grass, the front lawn is now a plot of dirt and dried weeds. The Village is comprised of identical bungalows, separated by metal fences and strictly aligned […]

SLIDESHOW: Sharing smiles with Albion street

Vivian Geilim opinion editor Every year, Albion St. elementary receives seasons greetings from Beverly High. Service Learning organizes the annual event by raising money for gifts to give to the elementary school at Albion.

Soccer program, Tower Cancer Research Fund come together

Rinesa Kabashi photo editor The Tower Cancer Research Foundation was founded by the Tower Hematology Oncology Medical Group to conduct clinical trials and have helped in the approval of 15 cancer drugs.   “Having a cancer fundraiser made this game extra meaningful. Knowing that this game symbolizes our team doing something to help the cancer community […]

Foodie Series Ep. 2: Ellen’s Southern Kitchen

Jason Harward co-editor-in-chief Priscilla Hopper media manager What’s a visit to Dallas without Chicken-Fried Chicken? Highlights had to stop for a taste of the authentic cuisine while at the National High School Journalism Convention; all we can say is, it was worth it. The all-day breakfast, massive plates and overall comfort food vibe was exactly what our trip […]

Top 5 Korean BBQ Restaurants

14 May 2012

Pasha Farmanara, Web Co-Editor-in-Chief Korean Barbecue is a type of cuisine in which the diner cooks their own food. Every table is equipped with a hotplate, and they can order the meat of their choice. Los Angeles is full of Korean Barbecue restaurants, especially in Korea Town. I set out on a voyage to find […]

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Koresh, substitute teacher or online business mastermind

13 May 2012

Pasha Farmanara, Web Editor-in-Chief If a student ever walks into class and sees Gil Koresh, they should expect a long introduction where he discusses his interests. His most popular interests are Xbox, movies, the Lakers, and fantasy basketball. However, one hobby many students are not aware of is Koresh’s successful eBay business that he runs […]

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Many mysteries to be solved with ‘Sherlock’

12 May 2012

Marguerite Alberts, Staff Writer On Sunday May 6, BBC’s “Sherlock” started off its second season with a bang. Each season contains three episodes that are an hour and a half each. With this season comes new cases, new characters, and new keys to the mystery that is Sherlock Holmes himself. Unlike the recent Sherlock Holmes […]

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English teacher Dr. Steven Rubenstein protects environment

11 May 2012

Max Stahl, Cub Writer The environment has been deteriorating for decades. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), greenhouse gas emissions have steadily increased since 1990, the sea level has risen five to six inches in the past century, and global average temperatures are rising. Among the many who try to counteract these environmental maladies […]

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Addicted to the Internet?

10 May 2012

By Arman Zadeh, Staff Writer It’s no wonder that kids today are more unproductive than ever. In a generation defined by Facebook, Spotify, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and the rest of the Internet, are we really to blame for this handicap we call the world wide web? Being raised around the joys of the Internet and […]

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Boys’ tennis squad primes itself for CIF play

09 May 2012

Chanan Batra, Print Sports Editor Boys’ varsity tennis has finished league play and is preparing for team play in the CIF playoffs.   The squad played Samo in its last league meet of the year on April 30, and though every varsity athlete won a match, Samo eventually proved victorious as a team, winning 10-8.  Junior […]

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Joseph Isaac’s life-changing roadtrip

09 May 2012

  Theron Herd, Cub Writer A person’s earliest memories are not always pleasant ones, some of them may even be life changing, like in the case of Spanish teacher Joseph Isaac. “My childhood was nice but scary…” Isaac said. When he was a small child, his parents had decided to take him and the rest […]

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French students win national honors

08 May 2012

By Julia Waldow, Print Arts & Style Editor Twenty-three Beverly students scored in the top ten national rankings in the National French Contest held in March. Participating students in honors or regular French registered for one of five different testing levels with the American Association of Teachers of French (AATF). The exam is made up […]

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Academic Decathlon’s search for participants

08 May 2012

Parmis Sahrapima, Web Co-Editor-in-Chief Academic Decathlon, which distinguished itself by placing 14th in state this year, has been spreading the news in search of recruits for the upcoming school year. By distributing flyers throughout the entire school and visiting multiple classes to inform students about what Academic Decathlon is, they have successfully gained the interest […]

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Reilly sings at Carnegie Hall

07 May 2012

Angelica Harrop, Cub Writer In the spring of 1993, the Boston College Choir had the honor of performing for a small audience at the prestigious Carnegie Hall in New York City. The Boston College Choir sang into the evening of songs included in the classical genre. One of the choir’s members, Elaina Reilly, 21 years old […]

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