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Students waiting in line to enter the cafeteria. 
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand
Cafeteria crisis causes mayhem
Pariss Chami, Staff Writer • September 22, 2022

It's official: the cafeteria line has gotten out of hand, everyone has acknowledged that the long length of the cafeteria line is out of “The...

Leader of the Crochet for a Cause Club, junior Shayda Dadvand shows people interested in joining her club what exactly they do.
Photo by: Kate Oller
Students dive into interests at Club Rush
Kate Oller, Staff Writer • September 14, 2022

Club Rush starts off the school year, where students go from booth to booth to seek out different clubs to join.  Thursday, Sept. 8, during...

Juniors Jesse Jenco and Madison Mayo and senior Cintya Molina show up to Game Day in their Beverly football and cheer uniforms. 
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand
WOW week brings spirit to Beverly
Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief • September 14, 2022

Through the school week of Aug. 22-26, ASB worked to fill the school with spirit. Students dressed up in themed outfits, wrote letters to their...

Boys varsity water polo team plays against Milken Community School. “I used to be nervous before games. I’d be nervous to make mistakes during the game, but now I keep in a state of mind where I’m calm but at the same time I’m ready to play physically and bring that aggressive mindset to the game,” Varsity Co-Captain Givi Mchedlishvili said.
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand
Meet the boys water polo team captains
Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Chief • September 28, 2022

Senior Givi Mchedlishvili, sophomore Remy Javidzad and junior Austin Dorian show dedication to their sport by taking on the challenging...

Girls varsity team plays first game.
Photo by: KBEV
Girls varsity volleyball kicks off year with win
Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif • September 14, 2022

The girls varsity volleyball team was one point away from winning their first game. Their glow from the first set turned into a full sweat by...

Girls JV volleyball their plays first game. 
Photo by: Shayda Dadvand
Girls JV volleyball plays first game of season
Shayda Dadvand, Editor in Cheif • September 14, 2022

The girls JV volleyball team played their first game on Aug. 17 against St. Monica. While they lost, the team showed growth from their first...

A stack of AP prep books
Discrepancies between AP grades, test scores raise concerns
Highlights June 1, 2022

Mia Gorlick Watchtower staff member Some teachers on campus have a policy that allows students who earn a five on the AP exam to have their...

Editorial: COVID testing should continue, prevent the spread of COVID
Editorial: COVID testing should continue, prevent the spread of COVID
Highlights April 28, 2022

Highlights Editorial Board COVID-19 testing officially ended on April 20. Although COVID cases have decreased from August to today, as an...

Image courtesy of Flickr
As a Russian, I am angered by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine
Highlights March 1, 2022

Kate Kotlyar copy editor I am Russian and I am angered by Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.  While I am ethnically Ukrainian...

Inspired by Farrah Fawcett and Cher as mannequins on the Sonny and Cher Show
Six last-minute outfit ideas for homecoming disco dance
Highlights Staff September 23, 2022

The homecoming dance is just around the corner on Saturday, Sept. 24. This year’s homecoming theme is (drum roll, please) “Disco Party,”...

Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee, so don’t go to Philz
Life is too short to drink mediocre coffee, so don’t go to Philz
Highlights May 27, 2022

Defne Onal managing editor  In the former home of The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, San-Francisco based coffee chain Philz Coffee opened...

Image labeled for reuse by Flickr.
‘The Ultimatum’: twisted, captivating or both? 
Highlights May 5, 2022

Candice Anvari co-editor-in-chief Netflix’s new series “The Ultimatum” is one of the most twisted but mesmerizing reality television...

Photo by Kate Kotlyar
Theater teacher retires after 38 years of teaching
Highlights June 2, 2022

Kate Kotlyar copy editor Theater teacher Kaz Chandler will retire at the end of the year after teaching for 38 years, with her final six years...

Someone colors. Photo by: So and So
NormanAid's help throughout the year
Highlights May 31, 2022

Justin Greenberg cub writer Samantha Nabati cub writer Kaia Lopez cub writer Most students have heard of NormanAid, but do not know why...

Freshmen Vincent Li and Evan Egerman duel one another in a thought-provoking game of chess. Photo taken by Golsa Sadrieh.
New library staff persevere to better the library
Highlights May 31, 2022

Golsa Sadrieh cub writer Last fall, the BHHS library got two new staff who are figuring out how to connect with the student body. Cynthia...

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