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2017 March of the Living Recap Second phase of construction expected to be underway Soles4Souls is here to help Logic expresses racial pride in TV shows continue to influence high schoolers

2017 March of the Living Recap

Ben Shofet, co-editor-in-chief Over the past two weeks, I alongside several other Beverly students took part in the 2017 March of the Living program (MOTL) with the Los Angeles Delegation. The trip was a total of two weeks. In the first week, as a group, we traveled to Warsaw, Krakow and Lublin, visiting numerous concentration […]

Second phase of construction expected to be underway

Ben Dahan news editor Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief Max Yera co-editor-in-chief With the first demolition-based stage of construction finished, the next phase, taking place on the first and second floor of the main building, as well as the K.L. Peters auditorium, is scheduled to resume after graduation. Currently the architectural plans for the actual construction phase […]

Soles4Souls is here to help

Isaiah Freedman staff writer For Service Learning’s latest project, big blue boxes with the logo Soles4Souls plastered on them have popped up around the school with the purpose of collecting shoes to be given to those who need them. The effort is spearheaded by Service Learning seniors Jonah Pourat and Jared Minami, who came up […]

Logic expresses racial pride in ‘Everybody’

AJ Wolken staff writer Logic, the 27 year old biracial rapper from Maryland, released his third official album, Everybody on Friday. The album is the best of his career, as he introduces creative beats and big names such as Khalid and J Cole to express that he is proud to be biracial. Logic’s previous two albums, […]

TV shows continue to influence high schoolers

Whether it be binge-watching a new Netflix series or anxiously awaiting for the latest episode of “Game of Thrones,” the way high schoolers watch television leaves massive imprints on culture. Multiple generation-defining shows have emerged from this era of television, leaving students facing both positive and negative impacts. The impact left on students lead to a variety […]

All-gender bathroom installed under new law

22 April 2017

Natasha Dardashti multimedia editor New regulations from the California state government created a requirement for a single-stall all-gender bathroom to be implemented in all government facilities, including public schools, beginning March 1. In accordance with this law, a new gender-neutral bathroom has been installed and is planning on being opened this week. For transgender (trans) […]

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Guerilla Tacos is the best food truck in L.A.

20 April 2017

Isaiah Freedman staff writer When Guerilla Taco’s owner and head chef Wes Avila started serving tacos from his truck in 2012, his mission was simply to cook tasty, quality food, not win awards, according to the truck’s website. Guerilla Tacos serve the best tacos in L.A., period. As a result of the truck’s popularity, the […]

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Congresswoman will attend Beverly club meeting

20 April 2017

Evan Minniti staff writer Congresswoman Karen Bass from California’s 37th District will be attending the Countable Club’s first meeting in the Salter Theatre on April 21 during fourth period. Countable Club, formed by sophomore Adriel Ghadoushi, aims to get the student body more interested in politics and arrange for students to talk to elected representatives. […]

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Finals after AP exams, recipe for disaster

18 April 2017

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief AP students at Beverly know the struggle of taking an AP and weeks later taking a final on the same material. While this does take place in only a select few classes, it hinders the successful transition the next year’s classes and ruins many students’ plans for the final efforts to pull up […]

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“24:Legacy” exhilarates with fresh take

18 April 2017

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief “24: Legacy” brings back all the nostalgia of the original gritty action drama, while also introducing a slate of fresh new characters and plot. “24” is widely acknowledged as one of the greatest action shows of all time. It had everything: multiple plots with fascinating characters, heart-stopping action, and a protagonist deeply […]

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Music culture in Norman Nation

13 April 2017

Veronica Pahomova co-editor-in-chief From the hard-hitting rap trio Migos, to the recently debuted KPop sensation BLACKPINK, all the way to country’s very own Blake Shelton, music can be found as the topic of numerous discussions worldwide. The average American listens to around four hours of music each day, so it is no coincidence that one […]

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Friends of Greystone teen advisory member looks to pass down experience

12 April 2017

Jamie Kim news editor Almost as well-versed in the history of the Greystone Mansion as the park rangers and as passionate about the restoration of the mansion as the donors, senior Julian Saadeh can be found leading student tours of the mansion and even at some of the many events hosted at the mansion. Saadeh is […]

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Varsity swimming topples Torrance

07 April 2017

Sophia Goldberg sports editor The swimming team beat Torrance High School Thursday, April 6, in their second meet of the season. All four age groups, girls and boys JV and girls and boys varsity, won a majority of their respective events.  Varsity boys beat Torrance 85.5-84.5, varsity girls won 106-63, JV boys won 81-63 and JV […]

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Tips on how to get into the National Honors Society

04 April 2017

Veronica Pahomova co-editor-in-chief Since the National Honors Society application is due this Friday April 7, Highlights is giving some tips to juniors who are hoping to get in.

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Drama Lab’s one acts illuminate the Salter

03 April 2017

Priscilla Hopper staff writer The latest projects assigned to the Drama Lab students included writing and directing their own scripts which were performed on March 30 in the Salter Theater. Mirrors Mirrors was written by sophomore Izabella Paz and directed by junior Elianna Litov. The story revolves around four aspiring ballerinas each obsessed with their […]

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