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Democratic Chickens Come Home To Roost

Evan Minniti staff writer Trump is now president, and with him comes a whole reactionary circus of billionaires and incompetents firmly tied to the rule of Wall Street. Trump’s actions may make him the most rightwing president in recent memory. Because of this, the Democrats and Barack Obama try to cultivate a “left” image around themselves, […]

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The Trump Presidency and the Tragedy of Bernie Sanders

Evan Minniti staff writer To many, the victory of Donald Trump seems like a defeat for human progress. Many feel demoralized, angry and confused about how such a right-wing demagogue could be voted into power by the increasingly progressive American people. However, we must realize that Trump’s victory could have been prevented by an independent left-wing […]

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Politicians battle for presidential candidacy

Sydney Tran, staff writer With candidates ranging from politically-established Hillary Clinton to former Comedy Central roastee Donald Trump to socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2016 presidential primaries are highly anticipated. For those of you interested in politics or who will be able to vote in 2016, here’s my take on the leading poll candidates: Republicans […]

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