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Seniors share college choices

Jason Harward, design editor May 1, 2017 has come and gone.  Many seniors chose to share their college choice with friends and family on Facebook. Here is just a snippet of the many seniors who proclaimed their home for the next two or four years.  

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Norman perceptions of social media

Evan Minniti cub writer Through the rise of the smartphone, social networking sites have had a huge impact on America’s teenage population. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 58 percent of American teenagers own a cellphone. Another survey from the Pew Research Center said that an even larger number, 78 percent, of teenagers aged 12 to […]

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Tales of teenage romance: why your ‘Relationship Status’ isn’t your actual relationship status

Guy Ginsberg sports editor Here’s a hypothetical: You ask out your crush, your crush agrees, you’re ecstatic, she’s ecstatic. What do you do? You jump on Facebook and change your relationship status from “single” to *click click* “in a relationship with.” Who wouldn’t? There’s something gratifying about sharing your romantic conquests with friends and family, […]

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Technology steals time and focus from students

Eleanor Bogart-Stuart, staff writer Celine Rezvani, staff writer Marty Schnapp, staff writer Karen Shilyan, business manager Ben Shofet, staff writer Hunching over square metallic tablets, many of the students at Beverly have only one thing on their mind during nutrition and passing periods: social media. During passing periods, students are not doing what’s custom and stopping […]

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