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58th Grammys offer entertainment, encouragement, disappointment

Nirav Desai, staff writer Despite supplying many encouraging firsts that point toward progress in the music industry, last night’s Grammys simultaneously produced disappointment as viewers were reminded of how far The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences has yet to go in the awarding of the show’s biggest prizes. The 58th installment of the annual […]

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‘The Incredible True Story’ is logical, though minor, step up for Logic

Nirav Desai, staff writer Throughout the first stage of his career, Logic seemed to check all the boxes of an aspiring rapper who was on the precipice of mainstream recognition. He had established a solid underground following via the Internet, his debut album, “Under Pressure,” earned an encouraging critical response and people, the same people […]

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WATTBA proves Future’s rise; Drake’s dominance

Guy Ginsberg co-editor-in-chief The king and his trapstar made history on September 20. For the first time since Kanye West and Jay Z’s 2011 album Watch The Throne, a collaboration between the two spitters atop the rap game has been delivered at our feet, and all we can say is, “thanks”. Thanks for finally proving […]

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