Electronic music, DJs should be praised


Candice Hannani, Staff Writer

New, unique, creative. It seems like today our world revolves around these three words. And what goes around does so in a full 360; the music industry is no exception, as electronic music has become incredibly popular within the past few years, ushering in a modern genre of computerized sounds.

We’ve sailed away from traditional instruments and bands towards an unexplored island of technological music. And who wouldn’t want to look for treasure in a recently discovered place?

Our centuries-old knowledge of music has finally been transformed into a fresh version that ushers in a new variety of beats, rhythms and sounds. It is the electronic musician who is in control of what sounds to create and what rhythms to mix up on the computer. So as opposed to the norm of plucking one’s way into a new song, we are technically (in its full meaning) using the computer to create sounds without having to physically do much.

In that same way, though, electronic music has had an unfair stigma. Some people associate technologically-created music with auto tuning. Yes, there have been some who have taken advantage of such computerized abilities to fool themselves into thinking that their vocals are equal to that of the most prominent singers of the day—need I include the infamous Rebecca Black and the overambitious Kim Kardashian?

But just like with the Internet, all of electronic music’s aspects must be taken into consideration before understanding that its pros are much more numerous than its cons.

As a result of the rise in this new form of music, DJs have become much more common than bands—and that isn’t very surprising, judging from the amount of interest each usually receives from an audience.

Don’t get me wrong, by bands I’m not referring to the gods of music (otherwise known as Coldplay and One Republic), but those typical, unheard-of rock bands that play songs no one is familiar with at parties. DJs are able to play a much wider range of music, while also putting their own twist on modern songs.

So in response to all those Facebook statuses demanding a different genre of music, this is the closest you’ll get to your wish come true. Within electronic music is a land full of new sounds and rhythm combinations yet to be dug up and listened to.


  1. I completely agree with this article. Although I am completely in love with electronic music, some people surely do go over board with the auto tuning and influences other artists to make more songs like that. I go crazy when there is too much auto tune. This is great!

  2. Candice!! I really love this 🙂 You are a very talented writer and I agree with you all the way. I personally love DJs and they should be applauded for making good music even better and more fun to dance to to. Goooo DJSSSSS!

  3. I think the digitification and electronification of music can serve as a positive effect in music, but at the moment because of our vapid and inspid musical culture it has not been allowed to blossom into something more fufilling.Thing like “Dubstep” are a travesty to musical creativity and art. Electronic music requires a more musically cultured and sophisticated society to truly acheive what it should, as an inhanser to music not a detriment.

  4. Dear aspiring DJ’s
    Go support JoyWride! They’re an epic new Brit. band and epically splendiferous.
    Did I mention the lead singer has a phenominal voice? (plus he’s kind of hot)

  5. I agree that many DJs do not receive the credit they deserve. They put in hard work and spend many hours putting together songs that we all enjoy listening to. DJs are comparable to great composers.

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