Academic Decathlon places third, moves as wild card to State competition


News in brief:

On Thursday, Feb. 9, the Academic Decathlon team placed third in the Los Angeles County competition held at the University of Southern California.  This qualified the team as a wild card, moving them on to compete at the state level competition in Sacramento, Calif.  West High School of Torrance, Calif. placed first, and Redondo Union High School of Redondo Beach, Calif. placed second.  Beverly currently ranks within the top 20 teams in the nation, and earned a total of 37 medals.

Beverly’s students placed first in the nation in the Math category, with junior Victor Lee earning the only perfect score in the entire U.S. in Mathematics.  Junior Jenny Chieu earned five individual gold medals the first Beverly student to do so since 1986.

Following is the list of competitors and their medals:

Max Eagle:
Gold: Speech
Gold: Interview
Silver: Language and Literature
Bronze: Mathematics
Bronze: Super Quiz

Jenny Chieu:
Gold: Language and Literature
Gold: Economics
Gold: Speech
Gold: Interview
Gold:  top scoring decathlete on team
Gold: Music
Bronze: Overall honors, div 1

David Mnitsa:
Gold: Interview (perfect score)
Silver: Speech
Silver: Math
Silver: Science

Victor Lee:
Gold: Mathematics (perfect score)
Gold: Science
Gold: Interview

Eunice Choi:
Silver: Essay
Bronze: Interview
Bronze: Speech

Heidi Hart:
Gold: Economics

Adina Babaian:
Gold: Interview

Jeremy Deutsch:
Silver: Speech
Silver: Math

Read the full story in the Feb. 10 edition of print Highlights.

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