Avrahami, Kashani to play in Women’s Division National Tournament

Juniors Inbar Avrahami and Natasha Kashani

Jessica Lu, staff writer

Girls lacrosse goalie Inbar Avrahami and midfielder Natasha Kashani both made the Los Angeles/Orange County national team after the tryout on March 19 in Orange County.  As a result, both will be heading to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in late May to play in the Women’s Division National Tournament.  The tournament is a national showcase of women’s lacrosse players, from high school, club and collegiate categories.

Thirty-four field players and four goalies were chosen from the LA/OC area.  Kashani was competing against 50 field players; Avrahami was against seven goalies.

Both girls found out about the tryout from Head Coach Kate Marks. The tryouts first split the girls into three sections, and then consisted of seven versus seven scrimmages.

“I felt very nervous because I had never gone to any tryout like this,” Kashani said.  “I did not know what to expect.”

Kashani remembered that stick work was very important.  The recruits were looking for players adept with both hands.

“Everything was at a fast moving pace and involved drills I had never done before, which made it a challenge for me,” Kashani said.

Avrahami had a different experience trying out as a goalie. Instead of playing in one field, she transitioned from goal to goal during the scrimmages.  However, Avrahami was still nervous about her competition.

“My competition was very good,” Avrahami said.  “The girls had good coordination and were very quick with their movements. I was rather intimidated since they have all been playing for quite a while.”

Despite a strong showing, both left the tryouts feeling dissatisfied with their performances.

“We did not think we made the team because we knew how good the competition was, as they were more experienced, and we did not feel as if we did our best,” Avrahami said.

Avrahami remembered checking her email constantly for the notification, but actually found out the news when Kashani texted her.

“I left the tryout really disappointed in the way I played, so when I found out I made the team, I could not believe it and could not have been happier,” Kashani said.

Avrahami felt similarly after receiving the news.

“Every time Natasha and I see each other, we smile because we are both still in shock that we have made it,” Avrahami said.

The girls are excited to play with the team, despite being a bit nervous because they will only have one practice with the other girls who made the team.

“[This is] rather scary since we do not really know the other girls and having a good team consists of good communication and chemistry,” Avrahami said.

The team will be running in a 5k marathon in Orange County as a bonding experience and to raise money for the trip before traveling to Bethlehem to play in the tournament.

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