The Cho-sen one


Sadie Hersh co-editor-in-chief

“It’s Cho-time!” the Norman Nation roars as freshman phenom Kevin Cho swiftly sinks a three-pointer.

Cho may be the shortest player on the boys varsity basketball team, standing at 5 foot 9 inches, but his skill surpasses other first year students, as he is the only freshman to be on the varsity team in the last three years.

Basketball has been Cho’s passion since the fifth grade and he devotes himself to the sport as it is his top priority next to academics, where his favorite subject is math.

A humble player, Cho focuses on the game and the plays as he dribbles down the court to drain his famed corner three.

“Nothing is really going through my mind as I hit a three. I just make the shot and go onto the next play,” Cho said.

Cho plans on staying in the basketball program throughout his high school career and hopes to strengthen his shooting.

“I hope to improve on shooting the ball more consistently and I can achieve that by shooting shots every day,” Cho said.

Though only a rookie on the team, Cho has a lot of experienced Bevball players to look up to for advice and to help him master the craft.

“I look up to Denzel Holt because I love the way he handles the ball and controls the game,” Cho said.

Holt encourages Cho and acknowledges Cho’s extraordinary abilities.

“Kevin Cho is a really talented young player who has the potential to be a very good player. I try my best to lift him up every day in practice and just make sure he believes in himself as much as we believe in him,” co-captain Denzel Holt said.

He is dedicated to the sport and practices on the off-season to stay in shape and work on refining his shooting and overall game.

“During the off-season I practice about five times a week,” Cho said.

As for the upcoming semi-final game against Diamond Ranch, Cho is looking forward to it and has high hopes, like the other players, to continue their reign as CIF champions.

“I am very excited for the game against Diamond Ranch because we have a chance to be the final two teams in the CIF playoffs,” Cho explained.

As the team advances to the next round of CIF, Cho gets the opportunity to enthrall himself in the experience and use what he learns for the coming Bevball seasons.

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