Guerilla Tacos is the best food truck in L.A.


Isaiah Freedman staff writer

When Guerilla Taco’s owner and head chef Wes Avila started serving tacos from his truck in 2012, his mission was simply to cook tasty, quality food, not win awards, according to the truck’s website.

Guerilla Tacos serve the best tacos in L.A., period. As a result of the truck’s popularity, the truck plans to open a full time brick-and-mortar restaurant later this year in the Arts District.

Guerilla Tacos remains the best due to the melange of flavors and spices in each dish. Avila is definitely not anxious about spreading his wings. A taco with a strip of juicy beef nestled under a fried egg with nuts and spicy sauces surrounding it? Why not? A truffle quesadilla with chunks of olive oil lobster inside? Definitely. A crunchy taco with soft tuna that the finest sushi chefs would covet topped with a green umami sauce? Yes, sir.

Guerilla Tacos churns out a new six-item menu every week in order to keep things fresh and constantly test new dishes and flavors. The sweet potato taco painted with almond chile sauce, crunchy corn cuts and soft, creamy feta cheese is the revolving menu’s one constant dish. It’s definitely a must-try, and at only $4, the price risk is minimal if by chance you somehow do not like it.

Avila’s truck stops by six locations a week, with Culver City on Wednesdays and Beverly Blvd on Saturdays as the stops closest to Beverly Hills.

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