Year comes to close, graduates speak about ‘Moving Forward’


Catherine Gagulashvili culture editor

Every year at graduation, students from the senior class are selected to speak for three minutes about the given theme and how they believe their class lives up to that theme. This year, students Jamie Kim, Noah Danesh and Jackson Stewart were chosen to represent their class at graduation on June 1. This year’s theme is “Moving Forward.”

“This graduation is not just the end of our four years here, it’s the start of what’s coming for a future,” Danesh said. “So, I think it’s very fitting theme and my speech, definitely, I don’t think conforms to your cliche commencement speech. It kind of talks about a more holistic view of what it has been like the past four years and what we can really do to be like to have a great future.”

All three speakers’ speeches focus on what the class has to achieve in the future and the opportunities Beverly has offered to set them up for success.

“I think Beverly has a very good bed of resources. It has a lot of resources for you to take up, it’s not going to hand them to you. So, it’s kind of like in a real life where there’s opportunities for you to get, it’s only a matter of what you’re going to have the initiative to get them,” she said.

Senior class president Stewart, in his speech, references the movie Forrest Gump, and in his final words, says, “So in the words of Forrest, ‘We don’t really know what we’re going to get in that box of chocolates.’ So enjoy, the future class of 2018, no matter what flavor.”

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