Prominent clubs on campus organize to meet

Photo courtesy of Tohar Zamir, Francis Palacio, DECA and Catherine Gagulashvili

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Below is a list of most of the clubs on campus, information for their meetings and what each club is most looking forward to in the upcoming school year.



President: Hila Gelfer, Yasmeen Ohebsion.

Meeting information: Monday or Tuesday in the John Cherney lecture hall, weekly.

Club mission: Business organization that helps prepare students in the fields of marketing, finance, hospitality, entrepreneurship, and management through competing, campaigning, and networking.

President statement: “This year, DECA is most looking forward to our competitions and increasing the number of students qualifying and attending the international competition in Nashville,” Gelfer said 


Radio Airlift 

President: Tohar Zamir 

Meeting information: Infrequent date, meetings usually in KBEV classroom.

Club Mission: To provide a source of entertainment for students and a haven for students to share their interests through podcasts, professional live music recordings, celebrity interviews, and school events.

President statement: “[We are looking forward to] Battle of the Bands as always. Battle of the bands specifically provides a wonderful way for students at our school to represent their musical talents free of cost or judgement,” Zamir said.


Jewish Club 

President: Justin Bahari, Daniel Rabkin 

Meeting information: Every Tuesday in room 367

Club mission: club for jews and non-jews to learn more about Judaism through a rabbi and his guest speakers 

President statement: “We hope to have a full classroom every meeting to get the most amount of kids educated on Judaism as possible.”


Environmental Awareness Club

President: Josh Neidleman, Mia de Castro Bastro

Meeting information: Every other Thursday at lunch in room S411

Club mission: to spread awareness about environmental issues through student involvement in protests, beach cleanups, and school-wide initiatives

President statement: “We hope we can make a difference in our school’s attitude about climate change and other environmental issues.”



President: Francis Palacio

Meeting information: Every other Tuesday; V-21

Club mission: To prioritize community service.

President statement: “I’m really looking forward to hearing what new ideas our members have on how Interact can improve and give back to our community,” Vice President Melina Rosen said.


American Red Cross Club

Club President: Louis Chung

Meeting information: Most Tuesdays/ Wednesdays; S-411

Club mission: To participate in Red Cross sponsored events and to educate students on the Red Cross mission.

President statement: “We strive to be part of the change in alleviating humanitarian issues around the world,” Chung said.


March for our Lives

President statement: Catherine Gagulashvili

Meeting information: Mondays; V-22 at lunch

Club mission: To bring awareness to our representatives on anti-gun legislation and to lobby against pro-gun laws.

President statement: “We want to create an atmosphere where we have an outlet to share our stories and fears of gun violence. We want to work toward stricter gun laws through advocacy,” Gagulashvili said.



President: Leila Normand

Meeting information: Every other Thursday in room 367 during lunch.

Club mission: To create a safe and accepting environment LGBTQIA+ and cisgener straight people 

President statement: “The club is meant to provide a safe, supportive environment for anyone, whether they’re LGBTQ+ or just an ally. We also plan to educate people on LGBTQ+ and mental health issues and sponsor some events such as movies,” Nourmand said. 


Soles for Souls

President: Josh Omidi 

Meeting information: Meetings held usually Tuesday or Thursday in room 278.

Club mission: To collect sneakers for people in need 

President statement: “Soles 4 Souls is an organization that I partnered up with in efforts to donate new or decently used shoes to people in need of them. Hence where the name Soles 4 Souls comes from,”Omidi said.  


Spanish Club

President: Sara Dzigurski

Meeting information: Meetings held every other Tuesday in Senor Peixoto’s room (V-23) 

Club mission: To further educate students interested in Spanish language and culture

President statement: “The Spanish Club is a club that seeks to provide more insight into the Hispanic culture and Spanish language, as well as to make connections between Hispanic and American culture,” Dzigurski said. 



President: Justin Byun 

Meeting information: Meeting dates TBD, but will be monthly in Mr. Hill’s classroom. 

Club mission: To help patients suffering from Leukemia and other blood-related diseases find a marrow donor 

President statement: “H3M Club is a club that supports the mission of the nonprofit organization “Be the Match.” Their mission is to serve all patients in need of cellular therapy by aiding in finding cures. We support their mission by fundraising through recycling bottles and running bake sales,” Byun said. 


Transgender Advocacy Club

President: Ava Dadvand

Meeting information: In room 373 at lunch on the third Friday of every month. First meeting is Sept. 20

Club mission: To spread awareness about trans issues, to teach people how to be great allies and advocates for their trans peers.

President statement: “I’m ready to plan out meetings with [the vice president] Noa [Brenner] and Ms. Goler, and just really to see the club thrive,” Dadvand said.


Science Olympiad

President: Addie Hasson and Tina Yang

Meeting information: Fridays at lunch and from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. in room S404

Club mission: A team that competes in events in fields such as forensics, biology, environmental science and engineering at nationwide competitions.

President statement: “I’m most looking forward to learning about new scientific topics, but also to competing and hopefully going to state. It’s exciting, fun and suspenseful and winning a medal or qualifying for state is the ultimate reward for all of the hard work [we do] throughout the year,” Hasson said.


Aid for Africa Club

President: Rebekah Sheff

Meeting information: Once a week every other week at lunch in room S411 

Club mission: To host fundraisers to raise money for the Africa Schoolhouse Foundation, which builds schools in Africa. 

President statement: “A goal this year would be to have more fundraisers because we usually have one large one per year and I would love to do more because of how successful they are,” Sheff said.


Academic Decathlon

President: Adrian Lo

Meeting information: Ms. Fine’s room during school, Beverly Hills Public Library outside of school, times vary.

Club mission: To compete in various regions of study such as literature, history, art and economics.

President statement: “I’m excited to see how the students will benefit from the new knowledge and skills they learn from the program. I really hope they all embrace the fact that there is much more to learn in life than just what school has to offer,” Lo said.


Medical Science Academy (MSA)

President: Brandon Shabani

Meeting information: For MSA board, every other Monday at lunch in S302. For other memebers, time varies

Club mission: To grant students service and leadership opportunities such as volunteering at Cedars Sinai and UCLA Mattel’s Children’s Hospital and participating in the Cedars Sinai simulation laboratory.

President statement: “What I am looking forward to the most this year is the Cedars Sinai Simulation laboratory because this is our first year that we have been granted this opportunity. It comprises of two operating rooms, OB/GYN room and a trauma bay. Our MSA students will be able to participate in these hands on simulations, whereas the lab itself is meant for surgical residents,” Shabani said.


Model United Nations

President: Britney Shirian

Meeting information: Every Friday at lunch in room 281

Club mission: “In Model UN students step into the shoes of ambassadors from UN member states to debate current issues on the organization’s agenda. Students make speeches, prepare resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries, resolve conflicts, and navigate the conference rules of procedure ‐ all in the interest of mobilizing ‘international cooperation’ to resolve problems that affect countries all over the world.”

President statement: Model UN not only enhances one’s public speaking, research, and leadership abilities, but it also teaches the value of diplomatic interactions and critical thinking,” Shirian said.


MorTorq Robotics

President: Eva Danesh

Meeting information: Mondays and Fridays after school in the woodshop (first floor of the main building)

Club mission: [The] team consists of three subdivisions–engineering, programming and business sections. Within each section, [there are] multiple specialties in Electrical, Safety, Machine, Build, C++ and Vision. Our mission is to inspire future generations to pursue careers in STEM and entrepreneurship by encouraging inclusion, leadership, ingenuity and teamwork.”

President statement: “It’s beneficial for students to join [robotics] because they gain so many opportunities to grow and to learn practical skills they will carry with them, and to have lots of fun,” Danesh said.


Space and Physics Club

President: Nick Walker, Ben Maizes, Ian Fienberg

Meeting information: Every Tuesday at lunch in room S407

Club mission: Students “discuss topics related to planetary motion, trajectories, and astronomical bodies in the universe. To bring these ideas down to Earth, they conduct experiments modeling gravity, motion, and other laws of physics to simulate what happens in the universe. The club plans to take tours of facilities such as JPL and Carnegie Observatories to experience real life research.”

President statement: “The Space and Physics Club is a fantastic way to immerse oneself in all things space. We hope to make the experience fun, intuitive and exciting for all who participate,” Walker said.


Speech and Debate

President: Diane Jeong

Meeting information: Every Wednesday at lunch in the library classroom

Club mission: “To provide an inclusive, interactive environment to improve speech and debate skills.”

President statement: “We look forward to diversifying our group with new members and competing in a wider range of events,” Jeong said.



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