Dodgers World Series win takes over community


Photo by: Warren Jacobson

Karely Molina Staff writer 

The Los Angeles Dodgers took the city by storm on October 23 with their 3-1 World Series win against the Tampa Bay Rays. Going 43-17 this year, the Dodgers win was long awaited by many fans.  

With a final pitch by Julio Urias, the Dodgers celebrated their first World Series win after 32 years. The win was celebrated not only throughout all of Los Angeles, but in Beverly Hills as well. Social studies teacher and Dodgers fan Dan Moroaica could not hold back his excitement. 

“It’s not an exaggeration that I have been waiting every year for 32 years for this moment. When it happened, screaming was an understatement. My wife and I had tears of joy,” Moroaica said. “We cheered, the kids were running around the house…It was not only such a proud moment for me, I felt such happiness for the city of L.A. I really think we needed it right now.” 

The win was not only celebrated by Dodger lovers, but non-Dodgers fans as well. Varsity baseball first/third baseman junior Eli Biehl understood the excitement of his fellow peers.

“I think all the games in the World Series were good. [It was] definitely not the outcome I would have preferred, but I thought it was a good game nonetheless.” Biehl said. “I think this was the best season they’ve ever had. The trade for Mookie Betts really helped them. They came together as a team and got the job done.”

Fans like junior Warren Jacobson felt that the Dodgers  win was well deserved and highly needed after the 2017 Houston Astros cheating scandal, which jeopardized the Dodgers’ chance to win the championship. 

“[The Astros] basically robbed the Dodgers of a World Series so especially after having the best record in all of baseball this year, we definitely deserve the World Series,” Jacobson said. 

Many fans feel the connection between the Dodger World Series win and the Lakers most recent championship win.  Baseball fan and Dodgers lover  junior Rhianna Abeel felt that not only Dodger fans, but the whole city of Los Angeles needed this win as well. 

“I thought the game went really well,” Abeel said. “The win was very meaningful to not only myself and my family, but to Los Angeles, because we won both the World Series and the NBA championship. It really brought back L.A. spirit, especially in these troubling times.”

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