Football loses Welcome Back game against Verbum Dei Eagles

Head Coach, Marquis Bowling gives the Normans instructions as they prepare to face the Verbum Dei Eagles. After about 30 minutes of warming up, the kick-off finally happened at 7.42. Photo by: Abby Wolf

Ryo Miyake staff writer

The football team marked their third consecutive loss this season during their home game against the Verbum Dei Eagles on Sept. 10, losing 44-6.

While they had an incredible first quarter with multiple interceptions that stopped the offense of their opponent, the Eagles were able to score two touchdowns with two additional plays to break the deadlock, and to take a 14 point lead against the Normans at halftime. 

The Normans were not as successful during the second half as the Eagles scored 30 additional points during the remaining 24 minutes.

“We had a great first half, but lost because of too many penalties given to Verbum Dei,” offensive and defensive lineman junior Francis Molina said. 

The Normans still played with aggressiveness, especially on the defensive end coming into the third and fourth quarter. They were able to pull off multiple successful tackles which were met with cheering roars from the stands. However, their effort wasn’t enough to successfully stop the Eagles, especially their running back, senior Semaj Harris who scored three touchdowns against the Normans. 

During the fourth quarter, the loudest chants and roars could be heard from the stands. Linebacker and running back Cameron Park successfully completed a 5 -yard run which was met with huge applause and cheers from the crowd. Nine minutes later, the fans got even louder when halfback and linebacker captain senior Dan Menache scored the first touchdown of the game for the Normans after a successful pass from quarterback, captain senior Will Harris.

Menache believes that the game was an “emotional roller coaster.”However, he is looking forward to future games this season.

 “Scoring the first touchdown and hearing the crowd cheer the team on felt great. I’m hoping we can get more of that feeling later on this season,” Menache said.

Menache finished the game with a total of 67.5 yards and was selected as one of the distinguished players of the game, alongside his teammates cornerback junior Peter Lojdi and wide receiver and defensive back freshman Tyler Saul. 

The Eagles scored half of their 44 points in the last quarter of the game with the help of running back, senior Semaj Harris, who finished the game with a total of 251 yards. 

Molina believes they are prepared for any obstacle coming their way.

 “They could be 10-0 or 0-10, but it doesn’t matter,” Molina said. We will be ready.” 

The Normans face the Contreras Cobras (2-1)  at home on Sept. 17. 

To view pictures from the Welcome Back pep rally, check out the photo slideshow below. Photo slideshow by: Candice Anvari

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