2020 – 2021 School Year Reflection Video

https://www.youtube.com/embed/Quh9nDnWH_M After this tiring and grueling year, students reflect upon it how they thought it went.

Musician-friendly masks allow band to host full in-person rehearsals

Aasha Sendhil Watchtower Editor-in-chief Daria Milovanova staff writer Band members held their first in-person full rehearsal...

Seventh annual Coffee House brings unity, celebration

Aasha Sendhil Watchtower Editor-in-chief The choir students held their annual spring Coffee House event with many laughs and minimal...

The Flip Side – Construction & Returning to Campus Edition!

Staff Writer: Victoria Hirsh Staff Writer: Michael Rabizadeh https://youtu.be/_xYqOoVJLrE

The Flip Slide — Thoughts on College | College Freshman Edition!

Staff Writer: Victoria Hirsh Staff Writer: Michael https://youtu.be/0hae1eiRwGk

The Flip Side – Teachers’ Thoughts on Returning to School

Staff Writer: Victoria HirshStaff Writer: Michael Rabizadeh https://youtu.be/RPoJTrydVNw

Wrestling beats SAMO

The Normans defeated the Vikings on April 23. Starting in a tie up, Junior...

Students, staff advocate for LGBTQ+ representation

Alya Mehrtash editor-in-chief Candice Anvari staff writer Emma Newman staff writer When junior...

Students react to Ted Lieu’s call for Trump removal

Emma Newman staff writer  Candice Anvari staff writer After the attack on the U.S. Capitol, which left four people dead on the same day, shocked the...