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Picture taken by Hallema Bakhda

Party School Review

Hallema Bakhda May 31, 2023

“Party School” is a Young Adult novel written by Jon Hart. It follows the protagonist, Dylan Mills, a relatable high school senior who does the bare minimum. Dylan is set to go to a ‘party school,’...

6. Open Button-Down Collared Shirt + Black Pants + Colored Converse

September 23, 2022

For those wanting to dress more laid-back for the dance, you’ll love this compromise between disco glamor and casual comfort.                                                 Picking...

5. Bell Bottom Pants + Flowy Top + Platform Converse

September 23, 2022

A pair of bell-bottom pants paired with a flowy top and some platform Converse creates the perfect disco attire.

4. Shimmery Skirt and Top Set + Flats

September 23, 2022

A two-piece ensemble provides the perfect balance between an extravagant dress and a casual outfit. This look is still unique and fits the dance’s theme.

3. Fitted Blazer + Pants

September 23, 2022

The classy look will still fit the dance’s theme, and a blazer might be the way to go. Pair it with some matching pants and you will look amazing!

2. Glittery or Sequined Jumpsuit + Boots

September 23, 2022

                          If there’s ever a time for jumpsuits, it’s now. They were popular...

1. Sparkly Dress + Heels

September 23, 2022

For those who want to match the theme of the dance, but still stand out, this is a classy outfit that will make you look exactly how the theme intends: like a dazzling disco ball. If you wear a sparkly...

Guest speaker Ryan Weiss answers questions in Season 2, Episode 1 of “Make Today Well Lived.”

NormanAid’s ‘Make Today Well Lived’ podcast addresses mental health struggles

Highlights February 16, 2022

Emma Newman co-editor-in-chief NormanAid’s “Make Today Well Lived” podcast is now on its second season and continues to have speakers address NormanAid’s monthly themes. The podcast, which contains...

This is the journalism classroom. This is where, when students attend class in-person, the articles are written.

Journalists reflect on writing this year compared to past years

Highlights June 5, 2021

Benji Maman staff writer Because of home learning, writing in school was a lot different this year for the journalists. They  enjoyed it, but were relieved to be back in the classroom. Some journalists...

SDSU Freshman Rebecca Harooni

The Flip Slide — Thoughts on College | College Freshman Edition!

Highlights May 6, 2021

Staff Writer: Victoria Hirsh Staff Writer: Michael

English/ASB Teacher Nickolas Henggeler

The Flip Side – Teachers’ Thoughts on Returning to School

Highlights May 6, 2021

Staff Writer: Victoria HirshStaff Writer: Michael Rabizadeh

Photo Courtesy of Rachel Kohley

New club dedicates time to simply spreading joy, positivity

Highlights March 4, 2021

Nick Kay staff writer In an effort to brighten people’s days, the newly created club Brighten Our Lives dedicated time to doing simple and free acts of kindness.  The club is composed of six...

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