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Students react to Ted Lieu’s call for Trump removal

Highlights January 15, 2021

Emma Newman staff writer  Candice Anvari staff writer After the attack on the U.S. Capitol, which left four people dead on the same day, shocked the world on Jan. 6, Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA-33), who...

Seniors reflect on presidential election results

Highlights December 17, 2020

Nathan Hanokaee staff writer Victoria Hirsh staff writer Michael Rabizadeh managing editor In this episode of The Flip Side, high school seniors give their thoughts on the results of the 2020 presidential...

Police implement blockades to prevent cars and pedestrians from entering Rodeo Drive.

Beverly Hills establishments shouldn’t have to resort to boarding-up

Highlights November 13, 2020

Candice Anvari Due to the presidential election, the sound of nail guns and hammers could be heard for miles as Beverly Hills businesses and establishments boarded-up their doors and windows. This is incredibly...

Editorial: Stay vigilant against disinformation attempts

Highlights March 5, 2020

We’ve entered election season; and with that, we have entered the season of campaigns, political ads and debates. But, most importantly, we have entered the season of disinformation, leaving us susceptible...

Arguments against, for Electoral College

Highlights November 21, 2016

CON Sam Bernstein staff writer America needs to repeal the Electoral College. Last Tuesday, Americans had an election, and citizens voted Hillary Clinton to be its next president. However, Clinton likely...

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Marc(o) my words

Highlights September 29, 2015

Keith Stone staff writer Donald Trump might hate illegal immigrants, but the son of two Cuban immigrants is going to beat him in the Republican primaries. Marco Rubio may currently be in fourth place in...

Politicians battle for presidential candidacy

Highlights August 27, 2015

Sydney Tran, staff writer With candidates ranging from politically-established Hillary Clinton to former Comedy Central roastee Donald Trump to socialist Senator Bernie Sanders, the 2016 presidential...

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