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Image courtesy of NSPA Flickr Archive, Eric Fang

Editorial: Proposition 18 provides much-needed equal platform for all eligible voters

Highlights October 30, 2020

Eighteenth birthdays are big milestones for many reasons. For many Americans, one of the most important reasons is the new ability to vote and directly influence the decision on who should be running our...

March for Our Lives protesters marched from San Jose City Hall to the Arena Green on March 24, 2019. Photo sourced from NSPA photo exchange. Photo taken by Eric Fang.

Teacher encourages students to get out, vote Nov. 3

Highlights October 29, 2020

Eva Levin copy editor Victoria Hirsh staff writer On Nov. 3, the nation will make a choice. Some Beverly students will make this choice for the first time, joining 15 million other new voters. While this...

Editorial: Stay vigilant against disinformation attempts

Highlights March 5, 2020

We’ve entered election season; and with that, we have entered the season of campaigns, political ads and debates. But, most importantly, we have entered the season of disinformation, leaving us susceptible...

America has a democracy problem

America has a democracy problem

Highlights April 26, 2018

Evan Minniti staff writer At the age of 18, most people should cherish their newfound access to voting in what is supposed to be the most advanced democracy in the world. But in reality, America has a...

Normans get political

Highlights November 18, 2014

Eleanor Bogart-Stuart staff writer Amanda Christovich staff writer On Nov. 4, many eligible voters of Beverly Hills and beyond will sport their patriotic “I Voted!” stickers after participating in...

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