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Second phase of construction expected to be underway

Ben Dahan news editor Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief Max Yera co-editor-in-chief With the first demolition-based stage of construction finished, the next phase, taking place on the first and second floor of the main building, as well as the K.L. Peters auditorium, is scheduled to resume after graduation. Currently the architectural plans for the actual construction phase […]

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Finals after AP exams, recipe for disaster

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief AP students at Beverly know the struggle of taking an AP and weeks later taking a final on the same material. While this does take place in only a select few classes, it hinders the successful transition the next year’s classes and ruins many students’ plans for the final efforts to pull up […]

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Bevball isn’t just boys basketball

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief “Bevball” is the most hyped thing on campus all year. The SaMo game packs the Swim Gym with students and is the most talked about on campus event for weeks. Everybody knows the status of boys basketball: who they’re playing, who the starters are and even the most out of touch students know […]

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AP achievement should be reflected in grades

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief Students need to be rewarded for their hard work. If they are taking the hardest classes in high school (APs), they should get some benefit. There is one step that teachers can take to reward students for taking these challenging classes, and for studying incredibly hard for the AP test at the end […]

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Highlights sheds a new light on Thanksgiving

Family importance of Thanksgiving Isaiah Freedman sports editor Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to indulge in heavy, sleep-inducing food and warm, cozy family time around the blazing fire as the winds howl outside. (I have always thought Thanksgiving is better when it is cold outside and toasty warm inside.) But most importantly, Thanksgiving is a time […]

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Construction moving forward

Keith Stone opinion editor Construction will be moving ahead this summer, starting in mid-June and continuing for more than five years. After much discussion and argument, and hours of planning, Principal Dave Jackson has a concrete plan of action for Beverly’s architectural future. “There will be a construction fence put up around the school…we are going […]

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Hair goes a long way

Vivian Geilm photo editor Guy Ginsberg co-editor-in-cheif On Thursday, Feb. 25 Service Learning teamed up with Pantene Beautiful Lengths and Locks of Love to put together the annual Hair Donation event on the front lawn. 26 students donated eight inches of hair each totaling to 208 inches. “I think [the turnout] was really good. Last year we […]

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PSA: Gel and glitter burn quicker

Keith Stone staff writer Recently, there has been a massive upswing in the popularity of phone cases that have sparkles and glitter that move around in gel. Walk through the halls of Beverly, and all around people are tilting phones left and right, up and down, to watch shapes move around on the back of […]

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Madoff makes off with five stars

Keith Stone, staff writer There are some things that can make one’s heart skip a beat. A moment of incredible fear or panic, the pride of seeing a good grade and the immeasurable joy that comes from discovering an amazing new TV show to occupy time. Madoff may be only four, 45-minute long episodes, but […]

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Madrigals try out a cappella singing: Prepare for performance

Vivian Geilim staff writer From choir music to modern ballads, the Madrigals have sung it all. However, with the new year comes the time for a new style of music. On Wednesday, Jan. 27, Madrigals welcomes their audience to a cappella singing. “I’m super excited for the show. It’s really cool that Madrigals allows us to […]

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