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Coping with anxiety: students share their experiences

Natasha Dardashti staff writer Lauren Hannani culture editor Disclaimer: Some names were changed in this article to protect sources and provide anonymity. Being in control has always been important to Jules. Whether it’s through her rigorous courses or achievement in hobbies, Jules has always been able to manage a workload typical to a high achieving […]

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Finals after AP exams, recipe for disaster

Keith Stone co-editor-in-chief AP students at Beverly know the struggle of taking an AP and weeks later taking a final on the same material. While this does take place in only a select few classes, it hinders the successful transition the next year’s classes and ruins many students’ plans for the final efforts to pull up […]

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Bianca Foundation teaches students life lessons

Lauren Hannani staff writer Since forming into a club this semester, the Bianca Foundation gives students a chance to talk to their peers about topics that most teenagers can relate to, such as parent stress and peer pressure. The club branches out from the larger Bianca Foundation, which is located in Los Angeles. Its main […]

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Service Learning introduces Mental Wellness Week

Karen Shilyan, business manager Service Learning is leading the initiative to promote healthy well being on campus. Its efforts to create a stress-free environment at school are being implemented in “Mental Wellness Week,” beginning April 20 and running until the end of the week. Amidst changes to the schedule due to the SBAC (Smarter Balanced […]

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