Service Learning introduces Mental Wellness Week


Karen Shilyan, business manager
Service Learning is leading the initiative to promote healthy well being on campus. Its efforts to create a stress-free environment at school are being implemented in “Mental Wellness Week,” beginning April 20 and running until the end of the week.
Amidst changes to the schedule due to the SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium) tests, as well as preparation for the closely approaching Advancement Placement exams, the community service-centered group hopes to have the student body take a hands-on role in lessening the effect of stress factors.
Senior Gabby Shofet spearheaded the creation of the event, learning from her own personal experience. With rigorous courses and an abundance of extra curriculars, she found the inspiration to create an outlet for students on campus.
“Most of the time, students become so immersed in their academics that they grow tired, unmotivated lacking passion and pushing the bring of sleep deprivation, depression and many other psychological side effects of heavy stress loads. So with APs, SATs, finals and more testing galore, I presented Wellness Week to Service Learning.” Shofet said.
In order to promote Mental Wellness Week, Service Learning will be playing music on the patio at nutrition, distributing giveaways containing complementary Teavana gift cards and notes with health tips, as well as urging teachers to provide two minute stretch breaks during classes.
“Our goal is to create a happier school culture, so kids will be more likely to succeed academically while actually absorbing and enjoying the material,” Shofet said. “By instilling little health tips such as drinking tea versus coffee and understanding breath patterns before a bio midterm, kids will hopefully adapt, innovate and implement these skills to create a creative, fun high school experience.”
The committee that brought together Mental Wellness Week originally planned to kick off the week-long event with a Water Relay Race on April 17. Within days of launching the plans, Service Learning came together with a joint decision to cancel it due to the drought and lack of student sign-ups.
“Due to the severity of the drought, Service Learning has decided to postpone the Water Relay Race until further notice,” the Service Learning committee said to the student body. “We apologize if this may be an inconvenience for anyone. In addition we ask that you please make a conscious effort to reduce your usage of water in an unnecessary manner.”