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Students choreograph pieces for upcoming Dance Company show

Catherine Gagulashvili calendar manager Junior Lital Mizrahi and senior Lauren Kim give some insight of what their self-choreographed pieces are about and how student choreography has impacted their lives. Their pieces will be performed in the annual Dance Company show which takes place in January.  

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Administration confident in safety of drop-off plans despite student disagreement

Sophia Goldberg sports editor Jason Harward co-editor-in-chief Getting 1,400 students to class on time in two short bursts of about 10 minutes is no small feat, especially when construction along the front of the school has knocked out what used to be the accepted drop-off area along Moreno. However, House A Assistant Principal Phil Wenker […]

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Vine shutdown sets off emotion

Natasha Dardashti multimedia editor “Do it for the Vine.” “I ain’t gonna do it!” “Do it for the Vine!” “I ain’t gonna do it!” “Do it for the Vine!” “I ain’t gonna do it!” Back in 2014, these words, along with its signature beat, were heard echoing down school hallways and playing from phones. Memes […]

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Student hacker strikes against Beverly

Keith Stone cub writer Students at Beverly have come to know these seven words very well. You are not connected to the Internet. These words have become a constant curse seen many times over the course of the last few months, making something very clear: a hacker at Beverly, is consistently crashing the school’s Internet and […]

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NormanAid provides comfort for students in need

Marty Schnapp, news editor Sadie Hersh, photo editor Ben Shofet, graphics editor At the NormanAid center, students can come and speak about anything concerning them with professional or peer counselors. NormanAid also offers a multitude of other services, including an online support blog and Normanonymous, where students may confidentially notify NormanAid professionals about students that […]

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