Student hacker strikes against Beverly


Photo by: Keith Stone and Sydney Tran


Keith Stone cub writer
Students at Beverly have come to know these seven words very well. You are not connected to the Internet. These words have become a constant curse seen many times over the course of the last few months, making something very clear: a hacker at Beverly, is consistently crashing the school’s Internet and Jupiter Grades. This hacker, who wishes to remain anonymous, claims to have initially attempted to crash the internet “to see if [he]could do it.” This student clearly took a liking to his computerized carnage of students’ and staff’s online activities and has been doing it for months in addition to various other hacks.
“I find it funny to see our society struggle with things that cannot be stopped,” the hacker said.
Although many students at Beverly feel that this hacker is detrimental to the school in general, there are those who not only respect and admire this student but pay him for his hacking skills.
“I do sell services and make around $200 a week. I never ask for motive or reasoning as long as I’m being paid enough to do the job.”
According to the hacker, these 17 students pay him to crash the Jupiter Grades server on the day a teacher puts in grades or grades get sent home to their parents.
In terms of his relationship with the rest of the student body and his status, the hacker believes that, “half the student body hates me while the other half see me as some hero. I don’t see this work as hacking nor do I consider myself a ‘hacker.’ I think of myself as a social engineer. Hacking isn’t just about being good with a computer, you need to be manipulative and convincing.”

By Jason Harward
By Jason Harward

However in a recent survey, many Beverly students admitted to finding the hacker annoying as well as damaging to their educations.
“I haven’t been able to receive grades and assignments. Teachers do a lot online, like assigning homework, and not being able to receive assignments because of this hurts my grade and hinders my knowledge,” one anonymous student said.
Others are not only angry but also feel a personal resentment towards this hacker.
“My Spanish teacher was unable to input our final-report grades due to the compromising of the schools Internet. The hacker is immature and needs to find a hobby or learn how to direct his talents in a way to aid the community rather than serving as sole nuisance,” another anonymous student said in the survey.
According to an article by AFP, hacking is going to become a severe problem in the next decade and cause severe problems.
Locally however, this hacker continues to crash various websites and networks and does not plan to quit anytime soon, much to the chagrin of many teachers and students.