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Coping with anxiety: students share their experiences

Natasha Dardashti staff writer Lauren Hannani culture editor Disclaimer: Some names were changed in this article to protect sources and provide anonymity. Being in control has always been important to Jules. Whether it’s through her rigorous courses or achievement in hobbies, Jules has always been able to manage a workload typical to a high achieving […]

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Students punished for adolescence

Ben Dahan staff writer   Students around the country can be arbitrarily subjected to arrest for simply behaving inappropriately, something that all adolescents do at one time or another. This reached media infamy last October when a South Carolina student was ripped from her desk and violently arrested by her school resource officer. The girl […]

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Low enrollment could affect electives, administration says

Juliette Deutsch, co-editor-in-chief Sophia Goldberg, staff writer Natasha Dardashti, staff writer Lauren Hannani, staff writer Enrollment has dropped since 2010 from roughly 2,000 students to 1,593. Although solutions are being looked at for increasing the number of students enrolled, some electives and teachers may be cut in the process. As of now, there is no […]

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Karen Setian remembers his late son

Evan Minniti staff writer Car crashes are the number one cause of teenage death in America, according to the Administrative Office of the Courts of California.That statistic hits closer to home than some may think. In 2006, fellow Beverly student Vahagn Setian was only seventeen when lost his life in a drunk driving accident. Setian’s […]

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Urth Cafe is the epitome of a bad restaurant

Vivian Geilim, staff writer Ben Shofet, staff writer Beverly Drive, a notorious hotspot, for tourists and citizens alike.When walking or driving down south Beverly Drive it is hard to miss the long line that sticks outside of Urth Cafe daily. Just a few blocks from Beverly, it’s no surprise that many students are attracted to […]

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Norman perceptions of social media

Evan Minniti cub writer Through the rise of the smartphone, social networking sites have had a huge impact on America’s teenage population. According to a recent Nielsen survey, 58 percent of American teenagers own a cellphone. Another survey from the Pew Research Center said that an even larger number, 78 percent, of teenagers aged 12 to […]

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Norman couples give their take on PDA

February is a month filled to the brim with love. From Valentine’s Day to the premiere of “50 Shades of Grey”, couples worldwide are celebrating, privately, as well as publicly. Public displays of affection (PDA) are prevalent in today’s culture, embraced by some yet abhorred by others. Highlights saw this love-trend as an opportunity to […]

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Beverly coffee culture

 Juliette Deutsch, co-editor-in-chief Eleanor Bogart-Stuart, staff writer Celine Rezvani, staff writer Karen Shilyan, business manager Lucas Harward, staff writer To take a quick look at how coffee affects the lives of a few Beverly students, watch this quick video!

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Coffee popularity increases among adolescents

Lucas Harward, staff writer In recent years, a new trend has caught fire and captivated the adolescent population: coffee. Young people are currently the fastest growing population of coffee drinkers, and teens are drinking more coffee every year. In 2013, 13 percent of all visits to coffee shops were by consumers under 18 years of […]

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On-campus resources seek to prevent suicide

Lucas Harward, staff writer Suicide is an issue in today’s world, especially among adolescents. Teenagers are in the middle of a complex developmental phase, so any stressor’s effect is expanded. Suicide is not often caused by one stressor, however. There is usually a mental illness, like depression, that goes untreated and is joined by the […]

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