Urth Cafe is the epitome of a bad restaurant


Vivian Geilim, staff writer
Ben Shofet, staff writer
Beverly Drive, a notorious hotspot, for tourists and citizens alike.When walking or driving down south Beverly Drive it is hard to miss the long line that sticks outside of Urth Cafe daily.

This $11.95 Urth "delicacy” loaded with arugula, overpowers the taste of the “so called” Catona Pizza
This $11.95 Urth “delicacy” loaded with arugula, overpowers the taste of the “so called” Catona Pizza. Photo courtesy of sophomore, Sophia Martin.

Just a few blocks from Beverly, it’s no surprise that many students are attracted to the mirage of gourmet meals and pastries that the restaurant fails to deliver. Any student that chooses to eat at the wretched Urth Cafe is blinded by by the many Instagram opportunities that the restaurant has to offer. Out of all of the restaurants on the block, Urth Cafe is by far the most overrated in food, pricing, service and atmosphere.
South Beverly Grill, just north from Urth Cafe, provides an enjoyable ambiance for all who choose to dine. It also has an ideal place to sit and enjoy the food unlike the outdoor chairs of Urth. Not only is the outside seating made of cold steel, but after sitting down, there is a pattern of diamonds and clovers on the back of one’s legs. In addition, it seems that all the tables are incapable of staying steady while eating the tasteless food.
Urth Cafe has long waits and long lines, but this still doesn’t stop people from congregating at the restaurant. It not only takes long when ordering food at the cashier, but actually having to wait for your food to be brought out also takes an extensive period of time. The extensive period of time that one waits outside for their food to arrive can easily make them lose their appetite.
The cafe has a tendency to spend much more time garnishing its foods than perfecting its quality and taste. Their mac and cheese is presented as if it were made in a five star Italian restaurant when it tastes as if it were a microwavable Kraft Macaroni and Cheese. It seems that they don’t quite understand quality over quantity. And in regards to their pastries, Urth’s laid out display at their entrance, is filled with pastries than almost seem as if they are made out of synthetic materials.
As for the food, it is the equivalent to masticating flavored cardboard. When one sips on the artificial tasting boba, a liquified substance goes easily up the straw, as if it never touched a blender; it’s inadequately made. Ravishing on solids, the pizzas taste like they’re premade with extra melted cheese. The pizza taste like baked crust with an abundance of chunky plastered cheese and topped off with tasteless arugula. In order to dilute the public from second thinking their pizza, Urth throws a fancy serving tray with a trio of peppered oil, parmesan cheese and pieces of basil, which makes the pizza look more like a salad than a pizza.
For those students who are worried about not being able to capture their ideal Instagram photo, don’t waste your money and likes on the illusion of good food. There are multiple other restaurants on the block that provide all the things that Urth Cafe fails to execute.