Boys’ JV soccer falls short of championship mark


Arman Zadeh, staff writer

Midfielder Michael Kamara fights for possesion. Photo taken by Arman Zadeh.

After a very successful season on the field, the boys’ JV soccer team faced defeat in the Ocean League championship game against Culver City. The team finished the season with the second seed and a record of 7-3 in league.
After a slow start defensively, Beverly found itself down 2-0 at halftime. Midfielder Guy Mazar scored Beverly’s first goal in the second half off an assist from midfielder Yoonwan Kang. Beverly scored only one of 14 shots attempted. The final score was 2-1.
“Unlike the rest of the season, we had a lot of opportunities to score we just didn’t take advantage of very many of them,” Co-captain Jonathon Hazon said.
Head Coach Ruben Ruiz believed the team had begun the game overconfident, with the feeling they had already won League, contributing to their loss.
“We started off asleep, too confident, but we fought out to the end and I think that’s all we could’ve done,” Ruiz said.
Ruben also believed that although it was an unfortunate loss for the team, they all played with heart throughout the season, making them, as he stated, “the true winners.”
At the start of the season, Ruiz did not expect to even reach championships. He believes that Beverly started smaller and less confident than the rest of the league, but proved to be one of the strongest contenders.
“We passed more than our goals,” Ruiz said, “We were downing ourselves. We actually didn’t think we stood a chance, we thought we would come in last, but at the end we came out strong and we didn’t do too bad.”
After starting the season off 1-2, Hazon did not expect the team to bounce back. But despite Beverly’s rough start, the team was able to shape-up and quickly get back on the track to victory, winning six games in a row while ultimately moving on to the championships.
“It was a rough finish, but we were the underdogs, we played like a family and played our hearts out every game and that’s all that matter