Swimming pool cord replaced, Swim Gym reopened


Audrey Park, staff writer

The swimming pool was recently closed on Wednesday, Jan. 8 due to a technical issue that prevented the basketball court covering the pool from being opened.

“The district office is in communication with the city to report the issues and the steps being taken toward the repair,” Teri Angel, Recreation Services Manager of the City of Beverly Hills, said. “The Swim Gym is an old and unique facility that requires specialized attention when repairs are needed.”

According to the lead custodian of physical education, Dwayne Jackson, the cable that operates the opening and closing of the basketball court had to be replaced. The cable had not been replaced since the construction of the pool in 1927.

“The pool was being opened and then it just stopped,” Jackson said. “The cable that drags the two halves of the basketball court broke.”

Senior Allison Klemes, a member of girls water polo, was disappointed to learn that the team was not able to use the pool for upcoming games or practices.

“Girls water polo can’t have any home games which is disappointing because we want our family and friends to come out and support us, but because of the break we have to play at the opposing schools,” Klemes said. “[The broken cable] also interferes with our practices. As of now, we’ve had dry land practice, which includes running and weightlifting.”

After the cord was replaced, the two halves of the court were able to be connected, allowing the basketball team to practice, and beat Samo, in the Swim Gym again. However, as for the swimming pool, Jackson is “not sure whether the pool is available.”

“Luckily, the gym floor was able to be closed so the high school’s basketball program and the youth Beverly Hills Basketball League (BHBL) could continue their season,” Angel said. “The city is hoping to resume its Aquatics Program in the very near future.”

Further information is available on the Aquatics Information Line (310-285-6820).