The farmers’ market at Century City delivers a freshness



Kevin Park, Staff Writer
The farmers’ market at Century City is a place that can provide a relaxing experience to people who are stuck in a busy city life. Farmers’ markets not only bring fresh and organic foods and other goods to customers directly, but it also connect the isolation between the producers and consumers, giving customers more interactive and intriguing experiences of buying goods from producers.
The farmers’ market at Century City is one of 10 California Certified Farmers’ Markets that provides quality crops, straight from the farms to the local community, working in conjunction with the non-profit organization Raw Inspiration. The mission of California Certified Farmers’ Markets is to ensure an environment where genuine California Farmers can sell their fresh-picked fruits and vegetables directly to the community, re-establishing the relationship between farmers and consumers.
Peruvian cuisine stand
One of the features that farmers’ market at Century City provides is that it brings a variety of cuisines with fresh ingredients to urban consumers. The variety consists of Hawaiian BBQ, Argentinian cuisine, Mexican cuisine, Peruvian cuisine, Greek cuisine, Easter European cuisine, Thai cuisine, Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine and vegetarian cuisine. It also provides fresh snacks and drinks such as homemade kettle corn, organic sandwiches and fresh fruit juice.
Greek cuisine stand
Besides the regular customers who come as employees from companies, Beverly students also find the farmers’ market very attractive.
“I love going to the farmers’ market at Century City to have something light to eat and to hang out with my friends. It’s definitely worth the visit,” junior Nicole Chang said.
The market’s close distance from the school is another reason why Beverly students find the farmers’ market attractive.
“The farmers’ market at Century City is wonderful. It’s not only very close to our school, but it also holds a huge variety of vendors such as cookies, crepes, juices, flowers and barbecue,” junior Valerie Deutsch said.
Easter European cuisine
The farmers’ market at Century City is perhaps the closest place to experience an original farmers’ goods. The farmers’ market at Century City takes place every Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. on 1800 Avenue of the Stars, Century City.
All photos taken by Kevin Park.