Moore strives for health, fitness


Karleen Youssian, cub writer

Moore runs 5 kilometers with her husband and daughter in Riverside, Calif. to raise money to send children to summer camp.

When she isn’t being a “typical” biology teacher or spending time with her family, Kalina Moore spends most of her hours exercising.

Moore has been active for a very long time, excluding the year she took off teaching when she had her daughter. On average, Moore works out three to four times a week and runs 10 miles per week. She even practiced taekwondo and managed to earn black belt in only eight years, ending in high school. Now her way of keeping active is by running and hiking.

“I used to run, like, every day before I had my daughter and then I didn’t do any exercise for…a year,” Moore said.

Running or hiking benefits her daily life as well. Moore thinks that these activities are helpful for stress relief and feeling fit. With less stress, it is easier for her to work and teach.

“I feel like times when I work out I feel more awake and I feel ready to go” Moore said.

Moore usually runs or hikes with other people. She became very good friends with biology teacher Cassandra Chavez, who teaches in the classroom next to hers. Setting aside the piles of papers, Moore and Chavez make time to hike Runyon Canyon and sometimes Mt. Rubidoux together when they can.

“I’ll hang out with Ms. Chavez and we’ll go hiking; we’ll work out,” Moore said.

Going on runs with her two-year-old daughter is another part of being active that she enjoys.

“Sometimes as soon as I go home, I will take my daughter on a run,” Moore said.

Students don’t usually see this active side of Moore’s life.

“I didn’t know about her being active, but I definitely think its important to be active and healthy,” freshman, Yvanna Montenegro said.

Moore surrounds herself nature while hiking.  Along with nature comes plants and animals. Moore finds it interesting to observe the plants and animals, and possibly share something she sees with her students.

“As a biology teacher, I love life. Period,” Moore said.

Living actively is a part of maintaining a healthy body. Whether it is balancing diet or just going for a walk,  Moore believes it is good to stay healthy.

“I think being healthy and active is good for anyone, everyone,” Moore said.