Junior Dockery moves to Beverly, overcomes racial prejudice


Eunice Kim, staff writer

photoJunior S-Netchem Castro Dockery has attended five different schools in her lifetime. Born in Philadelphia, Penn., Dockery attended separate elementary and middle schools, followed by three different high schools, with Beverly as the most recent. Although Dockery appears to have moved to Beverly because of  suggestions from a friend,  there is a larger story behind her decision.

“There were some people [in my previous school] who didn’t realize that certain words were not ok to use as a joke. Things like the n-word,” Dockery said. “I had told them not to call me that, and to please not use the word around me, since I find it highly offensive, but they just didn’t listen.”

Her friend, junior Chole Burgin, who also went to Mid- Pacific Institute, was subjected to same issue Dockery had.

“I hate the racism S-Netcham faced,” Burgin said. “Hawaii is very limited in terms of having different kinds of people. I have faced this discrimination myself, and all I can say is that it is horrible. It makes me angry that a sweet person like S-Netcham had to go through this injustice.”

At Beverly, however, she was able to overcome her past experiences and enjoy high school by participating in eclectic activities including the Pop Concert, “The Wiz,” Minnesingers, Drama Lab, Anime Club, Doctor Who Club and the Black Student Union (BSU)

“I love Beverly. Honestly. It sounds cheesy, but it’s true. My teachers are so engaging and easy to talk to, my classmates are the best and I am so, so, so excited to be a part of the Performing Arts program here. Especially ‘The Wiz!’”

As a part of BSU, Dockery appreciates Beverly’s respectfulness toward African-Americans.

“I really enjoy being part of BSU. It means a lot that Beverly even had one to begin with. It shows an awareness the school has about it’s African-American student population, something I missed at my old school,” Dockery said.

Dockery wants to become a screenwriter and a singer and is participating in various school activities to pursue her goals.