BREAKING NEWS: Community shows support for Paysinger


Michelle Banayan, graphics editor

Those involved with the Beverly Hills education system, ranging from teachers and librarians to students and parents, overflowed the Board Conference Room at the BHUSD office on Tuesday, March 4 in order to show support for Principal Carter Paysinger.

Due to recent legal battles and confidential information leaked to the Los Angeles Times, Paysinger’s status as Beverly’s principal for the 2014-2015 school year is currently unknown.  Therefore, in an effort to defend Paysinger’s success as an administrator of Beverly Hills’ only high school, over 50 supporters were in attendance at Tuesday’s 15-minute meeting.  Among those were different members of the Beverly Hills community who made speeches addressed to the school board.

“Think of these next few minutes [of my speech] as a bit of sunlight, as the means by which we can disinfect the last few months of mud-slinging and character-bashing,” parent and ex-chairman of The Foundation, Jonathan Prince, said during his speech at the board meeting.  “Sunlight that will shine on Carter Paysinger on three areas: his career at Beverly, his personal integrity and his achievements as principal for the past three years.”

The school board members will decide on Paysinger’s official status on March 15.  As of publish date, Assistant Principal Dr. Regina Zurbano has resigned and Assistant Principal Toni Staser is retiring; meaning, currently, two out of three assistant principals on campus will no longer be returning.

Updates will be provided as soon as information becomes available.