Ronan Massana, Beverly basketball star


Arman Zadeh, Staff Writer
In only his sophomore year, Ronan Massana is already a veteran in the Beverly basketball program and continues to perfect his game. Massana’s hard work paid off when he became the youngest player on the varsity basketball team his freshman year.
“I got to scrimmage and practice with the team which helped me improve my game even though I didn’t play much. It payed off though since I became a starter this year and got solid minutes every game,” Massana said.
Standing at 6 feet 7 inches and weighing in at 180 pounds, Massana stands as one of the Norman’s greatest forces under the rim. With the departure of this year’s seniors, Massana represents the future of Beverly basketball with his heightened experience and skill.
“We lost a lot of key players this year but we have enough returning players to still have a tough squad. Since I will have been on the team for two years already, I feel like I will need to take a commanding role for the team to help lead us in the right direction,” Massana said.
Massana first started playing basketball at the age of 12 in seventh grade. At that time, Massana participated in the Beverly Hills Basketball League where he helped lead his team to the semifinals.
In addition to his high school career, Massana participates in the Amateur Athletic Union, AAU, where he is part of a travel team, Double Pump.
Massana’s top priority throughout his schedule, from AP’s to sports, continues to be his dedication to Beverly basketball. Although it’s Massana most physically demanding activity, he finds the most satisfaction in playing the game.
“I enjoy [basketball] because there’s always a chance to make a play every time we get the ball and most of our games usually come down to the end which it makes it that much more exciting,” Massana said.
Through even the closest games, Massana successfully keeps his cool. Through hard work and repetition, Massana aids his team until the final buzzer.
“There’s pressure but at the same time, having practiced so much, I know I have the ability to make shots,” Massana said.
Outside of school, Massana spends time weekly working to improve his outside shot, often coming to Beverly’s own upper courts to practice. Massana also spends his weekends working on bulking up to become more of a force in the key.
“Even the greats spend lots of time practicing and improving their game, so if I want to become a better player, I have to do just the same,” Massana said.
Massana also shows his unselfish side to his fellow teammates during practice. Guard Siavash Yekhtafar believes that Massaana’s skill has helped and inspired him to improve his own game off the court.
“Its great having a 6 foot 7 inch guy on our team to get all the rebounds during games but at the same time helping you improve your own game in practices,” Yekhtafar said.
Massana’s personality on and off the court has helped him in earning a future leadership role on the team. Working his way up from the bottom, Massana now holds an advantage against many other players on the team: experience.