Yaniv Sadka, lacrosse aficionado


Arman Zadeh, Staff Writer
Many athletes at Beverly spend all four years of their high school career dedicated to one sport, but sophomore Yaniv Sadka has dedicated all most his entire life dedicated to lacrosee. Sophomore Yaniv Sadka is a perfect example of commitment as he has dedicated a majority of his life to the sport.
Sadka first began playing lacrosse at the age of five as he learned the fundamentals from his older brothers who played at Beverly as well. Since then, Sadka has come to embrace the sport to the fullest. Along with playing for Beverly’s varsity lacrosse team his sophomore year, Sadka coaches the game to minors and runs his own on-line lacrosse gear business, www.sadkalacrosse.com.
Sadka, along with fellow lacrosse team member sophomore Rennie coached middle school kids at Cheviot Hills in the West LA Lacrosse League. In only his first year as a coach, their team, the Princeton Tigers, made it to the semi-finals.

Sadka was first offered the opportunity to coach by a friend he met through lacrosse. Feeling the need to give back to the lacrosse community, he began coaching during the summer and was soon offered a position to coach the Tigers by the Head Director of the West LA Lacrosse league, Mitch Fenton.
“It was a really great experience and I learned an incredible amount from the kids. I also gained a new perspective on the game which I will use to my advantage this season,” Sadka said.
Sadka’s co-coach Rennie also found coaching a great experience ashe and Sadka lead their team to the semis.
“It was fun, we had a good team so it waseasy, and he was a lot better at speaking to the kids than I was. It makes it easier when you have someone who knows how to talk to the kids, I just know the game he knows more how to tell them how to play, so it was a good combination,” Rennie said.
Sadka began his career at Beverly on the JV team his freshman year. He scored 30 goals and had seven assists throughout the season.
This year, Sadka joined the varsity team and hopes to aid the team in its journey to CIF finals for the first time since 2005.
“It’s a shaky start to the season, but we look to improve throughout the year as become better and work as a team. We look to get back to the days where we made CIF finals,” Sadka said.
Beverly has started the season 1-3 with its first win over Chaminade on Wednesday, March 7. Sadka has scored two goals in the three games he has played this year.