Service Learning hosts shoe drive


Zoe Kenealy, staff writer

For the second year in a row, Service Learning is hosting a shoe drive, during which all shoes will be donated to the Give Running Foundation. The drive will be held from March 3 to March 14. By giving shoes to the Give Running Foundation, Service Learning will be able to further fulfill its desire of continuing to give back to society, this time on a global scale.

“We hold this foundation very close to our hearts because they donate the shoes to Sri Lanka, Ghana and many other places in need,” sophomore Service Learning member Brooke Smith said.

 Another aspect of the shoe drive that Service Learning proudly promotes its support of a lifestyle of a healthy, happy lifestyle.

“A major reason that we are proud of holding the shoe drive is that we are promoting a better lifestyle for those in need and even our peers,” junior Service Learning member Yoav Gelfer said. “Not only do the recipients get shoes, but we hope that they will be pushed to therefore pick up a healthier lifestyle that brings further happiness, which is a main goal of Service Learning.” For students, the shoe drive represents a mindset of selflessness and global awareness among students. With events such as the hair drive for prom dresses coming up and the shoe drive, students are proud to be in an environment where charity is a priority. “I think that this [the shoe drive] is such a good cause, and I am definitely going to donate. Last year I didn’t give hair, but I really want to be able to support Service Learning as well,” senior Milan Walls-Smith said. “I think what Service Learning is doing is great and I am happy that they have given me the opportunity to give to the less fortunate.” Students may drop off shoes in House A, B or C, and Service Learning asks that donated shoes be in good condition.