Julia Waldow to confront policymakers on bullying


Pasha Farmanara, Web Editor-in-Chief
Julia Waldow is one of ten students who were selected to take part in a student legislative su­­mmit on April 11 in Sacramento, Calif.
Contestants were asked to write an essay about how to stop bullying, and write the essay as if they were a legislator.
In order to be picked, chosen students were asked to write an essay answering four questions:

  1. How would you fight bullying in schools?
  2. Are their effective tools to deal with this issue that are not being used?
  3. How should schools deal with bullying both on campus and online?
  4. How important is education and raising awareness in bully prevention.

Julia decided to enter the contest because she wanted to make her voice heard towards anti-bullying.
“I was really interested in writing this essay because I feel bullying in high school has gotten worse, especially in regards to social media, and there is not enough thing to prevent it. I wanted to offer my suggestions to stop bullying,” Waldow said.
According to http://www.mrbullyproof.com, around 350,000 primary school children are bullied every week, and 16 – 20 children take their own lives every year due to school bullying. Bullying takes place on every hallway of every school, and it takes a toll on the victim’s life.
“Bullying does not discriminate. Anyone, regardless of race, gender, religion, sexual orientation, background or socio-economic status, is susceptible to this ever-growing monster. Bullying can affect individuals’ mental and physical health, sometimes prompting victims to end their lives because they feel there is no other alternative,” Waldow said.
The legislative summit is going to take place in front of policy makers Julia who have direct power to pass laws. Waldow Julia, and the other contestants have the power to directly impact the mindset of these policymakers, an opportunity many people do not get.
“At this conference, I’ll be able to tell my ideas to policymakers, which is an amazing opportunity. Hopefully after attending this conference, the other participants and I will influence the policymakers to pass more laws to curb bullying and make schools safer homes away from home for all students,” Waldow said,
To prepare for the conference she will research current anti-bullying laws that are in effect, analyze them, and find what she likes about the laws and what she thinks needs to be added.
Waldow hopes to make a lasting impression on everyone at the conference, and is working on making sure that whatever she does at the conference is constructive towards stopping bullying.
“Bullying is a horrible epidemic that continues to spread throughout social media. I wrote this essay because I believe that more should be done to stop bullying in schools and in life,” Waldow said.